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Foil for beginning and carving

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Re: Foil for beginning and carving

Postby Peter_Frank » Sun Jul 12, 2020 8:26 pm

Tom is right.

The 70 cm carbon makes no sense for anything but SUP or surf foilers, who want it light.

NOT for kitefoiling :(

Of course there will always be a very little niche of people liking it, but not in general...

A 70 cm carbon mast can be used in the early learning phase yes, but when learned, you got an expensive 70 cm carbon mast you can not use nomore, and difficult to sell...

Get a short alumast for starters, can be sold cheap, or kept as it cost almost nothing, or start directly on a 90 or 100 cm mast :thumb:

8) Peter
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Re: Foil for beginning and carving

Postby iwave » Sun Jul 12, 2020 9:50 pm

Thanks all for your comments on 70cm carbon mast vs. 65cm alu mast.

Something I forgot to mention is that I am looking for a setup as light as possible because I have to carry all my equipment from my apartment to the spot back and forth all the time. I cannot leave anything in my car in the city I live and I don't have a garage where I can store my gear.

Perhaps a good compromise would be to get the 65cm alu setup as a learning step, and move towards the 100cm carbon setup when comfortable foiling.

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