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my foil board is angled up while foiling,,,i'm new at this

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Re: my foil board is angled up while foiling,,,i'm new at this

Postby Onda » Tue Jul 21, 2020 9:35 am

Another confirmation from my side: You have to ride faster.
Not much faster, just a little bit. With my foil (Moses 633) it is easy to feel: You have the feeling of suddenly going "downhill". The foil suddenly accellerates and simultaneously the nose of the board goes down. You have to balance this by shifting your weight between front and back foot respectively. It is a question of experience and muscle memory. Practice, practice, practice and soon you won´t even have to think about it any more.
It is really very important not to be overpowered. As a foil beginner it is hard to judge when the kite power is sufficient. Better use a kite which is slightly too small than too large. Riding with just enough kite pull makes foiling much more enjoyable and also much easier and SAFER (less risk of crashing into your own foil when falling).
A safe sign of being overpowered is if you have to "edge" your foil upwind sharply to compensate the kite pull and/or to reduce speed. This can quickly become very dangerous as the foil can pop up and out of the water very suddenly at the slightest miss-balance. So my rule-of-thump: As soon as you feel you have to "edge" your foil, switch to a smaller kite!
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Re: my foil board is angled up while foiling,,,i'm new at this

Postby sflinux » Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:11 pm

Remove your rear foot strap. After you pop up, try sliding your rear foot forward. My recommendation is to rig a smaller kite, if you are fighting the kite, you will be weighing your back foot to slow down. As you get more experienced you will learn to park your kite and outrun it with your foil to spill power. You only need enough kite power to water start. With my 5M, sometimes this requires up to 3 loops to get up to speed. But once, I'm on the foil, it is plenty of power to keep me on the hydrofoil. I usually rig 1 kite size smaller for a hydrfoil compared to a surfboard, and 2 kite sizes smaller for a hydrofoil compared to a twintip.
If sliding your rear foot forward doesn't help, try moving your front foot strap forward (test in small adjustments).
If the mast position is adjustable, you could slide it forward. (test in small adjustments).
If the front foot strap placement doesn't help, you could experiment with shimming your rear wing (stabilizer). I used a dime on my rear hydrofoil and noticed a difference in the overall balance of front versus rear foot pressure. For example; a dime on the front of the rear hydrofoil will require more front foot pressure, a dime on the rear of the rear hydrofoil will require more back foot pressure.
I found a front toe hook works best for me (nothing for rear foot), this allows me to both front and rear feet around, with a stop for the front foot.
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Don Lester
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Re: my foil board is angled up while foiling,,,i'm new at this

Postby Don Lester » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:15 pm

I've read all the responses and no one as mentioned the mast/wing angle. Some boards have tail rocker so when the mast is mounted it angles back the foil assembly causing the board to ride " Nose up ". Try shimming the back of your plate mount so your mast angles more forward. If you have a tuttle mount then you have to get more creative.........

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