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Airstyle - foil addition ?

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Re: Airstyle - foil addition ?

Postby longwhitecloud » Tue Jul 14, 2020 4:27 am

You can monitize youtube at 1000 subscribers but you need 4000 hours of view time too.

And then consider the far high percentage of users that adblock these days.

It would be next to impossible to make any worthwhile $ from youtube with kiting unfortunately.

YouTube being the best monetization path even.

Everyone expects everything for free, just the way it is I guess.

What is sad though is that often only the non content providing mega rich unfair competition domination services that buy any company that eats even 0.0001% of them ( fb insta yt google) end up benefitting financially.

I am expecting to see a rapid growth of wing surfing soon as the honeymoon period of a new sport gets extra leverage.

Content providers will find it easier to get more views/ conversions from this new sport, than kiting.

Yes my friends do have a cessation to good waves, but I see them on lakes and places/ conditions just not suitable for kiting.. even gusty side/ offshore!

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