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Sun protection for face

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Re: Sun protection for face

Postby Jugglajon » Thu Aug 20, 2020 4:05 pm

Being fair skinned I have this problem out here in Mexico. I've found several solutions, here they are in order of effectiveness.
1. 100% effective- Foil at night. Obviously this has some disadvantages..
2. 95% effective - Foil only in the UK as for 95% of the summer it rains..
3. Very effective - two buffs, a cap, sunglasses and a long sleeved top and facestick. Downside is waterboarding after a crash especially whilst trying to keep the kite flying in light winds.
4. Fairly effective - Rimmed hat , sunglasses and lots of sun block. Needs topping up regularly as during crashes you are guaranteed to accidentally wipe some off. I tie the facestick to my harness.

In the winter here Im mainly on option 4, in the summer option 3
Best face stick I've found for me is Decathlon aptonia sun stick 50. By far the best for my lips. Zinc is great too but messy and more problematic on my lips.

We also came across an unusual subculture of kiters in Cuyo in the Philippines. They seem to have it dialled.
Jing and the Gang = No suncream required

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Re: Sun protection for face

Postby Da Yoda » Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:59 am

Da Yoda wrote:
Wed Aug 19, 2020 5:54 pm
Two face protections that seem to be very well thought out for watersports are Headpeace and Solshaka.
Saw this posted on FB. It shows the Solshaka with a helmet. Looks like a really nice set-up for sun and head protection.

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Re: Sun protection for face

Postby downunder » Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:02 pm


For 4 years Im using a Naroo X5 mask. Even supplied to riders here.

And no, neoprene is a no go. Simply coz many are sensative to neoprene.

Top quality mask which does work when wet. Everything else is substandard quality.
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Re: Sun protection for face

Postby 1234567Simon » Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:21 pm

Thanks for the info.
Looks fantastic ....

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Re: Sun protection for face

Postby bkkite » Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:08 pm

I've used Raw Elements for entire days out on the water, and I have pretty fair skin and burn easily. So far its the brand I trust the most, and its nice that they don't have any other toxic crap in it. They also have a tinted version if you're somewhere where you don't want to have big white zinc streaks. ... f0QAvD_BwE

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Re: Sun protection for face

Postby sshantt » Wed Aug 26, 2020 6:48 am

Just ordered this hat. Haven't gotten it yet. Will report back once tried and tested ... re-style-1

The materials seem perfect for water use and the neck strap looks comfy. Also, there's an opening in the back for my hair :D
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Re: Sun protection for face

Postby Mossy 757 » Wed Aug 26, 2020 12:56 pm

Neckbeard + hoo rag + kook goggles + sunscreen.

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