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Light wind Boosting

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Light wind Boosting

Postby darippah » Tue Sep 29, 2020 5:42 pm

I've been using my Moses 637 Race wing for boosting. In lighter winds I use an 18m Sonic 2 up to low teens.

Now I've picked up the W800 Wing for lighter winds, I'm wondering if I still need an 18m for boosting in lighter winds or if the larger Wing will get me boosting at least as good as the 18m with 637 Wing

Anyone have experience they can share on boosting with a smaller kite + larger high aspect wing vs Larger kite with Small wing?

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Re: Light wind Boosting

Postby Texaskiter » Sun Oct 25, 2020 3:20 pm

In my opinion, boosting (Foil or no foil) is all about speed, leverage (line tension) and of course, timing. I don’t think the smaller kite advantage (moves faster) makes up for the slower traveling speeds on the bigger foils. For me, it is race foil all day for boosting and ride the biggest kite you can control at speed. I use the Moses 645, 101 mast and custom SYNC board. For kites I use FS Souls and Ozone Edges in higher winds. It’s all about how fast I can ride, how much line tension I can create, and how well I time the send. Make sense?

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Re: Light wind Boosting

Postby Peter_Frank » Sun Oct 25, 2020 5:53 pm

I have the same experience, eventhough I dont jump that often, but WHEN I do, I test a lot of wings to find what works, that even in light wind, the smaller thus faster wing, the higher you can boost :thumb:

Bigger wings makes it possible to ride smaller kites, and start early, but thats about it :naughty:

SPEED is the key, for jumping on foils in light wind :thumb:

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Re: Light wind Boosting

Postby Breze » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:42 pm

Bit off topic,i know :oops:
For me ,as a medium jumper with much more time on the 800&1200qcm (XL,KoolV2) than on the 660 Freerace with 10m Soul and 13m Sonic2, i get `mixed`results.
Timing the `send`and getting maximum line tension is for my stage of riding more important than the factor speed if it is above a minimum, let`s say 35km/h.
Riding with comfy speed, even with the 1200 i get better timing of all components for good vertical heights, then pushing the Freerace `wannabearacer style` :D and totally missing the take off. :duh:
In low wind the Sonic beats the smaller Soul by a huge amount, I guess even in case of lower take off speed.
No doubt for my technical level line tension and timing is much easier when not totally lit on the foil. Comfortable speed- better height for me :bye:

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