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Windspeed for Chrono foiling

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Windspeed for Chrono foiling

Postby Michaelr123 » Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:17 am

Curious to know,

from those of you who are more into the racing side of hydrofoiling and live in light wind, junky beach locations, what windspeeds do you use a particular size of chrono / R1's in?

I picked up an 11m chrono v2 late this summer, and got out with it twice. Once the wind shifted and I put it in the drink, which was horrible. and another time I got out with it just before dark in maybe 9-11kts and had a blast, I hit close to 25kts top speed in even that wind (all of this is with a moses 590/330 and I weigh 170lbs, I now have an 800 wing that I've tried a handful of times, I assume It'll be a kt or two lower range than my 590).

With an 800 wing, what do you think I can reasonably expect for a lowend with an 11m chrono? remember, I'm on an inland lake, so that means super tight launches, trees, etc. At the moment, I haven't really figured out how to generate a spike of power from this kite like I can from my 11m boxer for instance, maybe that's what I really need to figure out. Ideas?

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