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Shinn P wing > What's next K2 wing

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Shinn P wing > What's next K2 wing

Postby PeaBody » Tue Dec 15, 2020 11:54 am


I started foiling this summer, have kited for 10 years. Current foiling skills = strapless > riding upwind, downwind normal and toe-side, no where near any tacking skills.

Foil preferences: I just want to mow the lawn when the wind is not strong enough to do anything else, not interested in jumping or racing, just carving around having fun. Don't mind going faster though :thumb: . Don't really want to change the whole setup, happy with the jackson board itself.

What do people do next?

K2 wing looks interesting, wonder whether I should get that next, done some searching but cant find any comparisons or anyone commenting on going from one to the other?

Currently using 75cm alu mast. Any recommendations...

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Re: Shinn P wing > What's next K2 wing

Postby nothing2seehere » Tue Dec 15, 2020 3:48 pm

The K2 is an excellent progression. It feels pretty much as easy to ride as the P-foil but doesn't have that that draggy feeling when you try and push the speed or have that heavy front foot pressure at speed. You get a more progressive lift speed (doesn't jump up at such a slow speed) which I much prefer. The review that sold it to me was along the lines of 'This foil cruises slowly but is easy to ride fast too'.

Its probably 6 months between selling my P and getting my K2 setup but its lived up to my expectations since then as an upgrade. Its still so stable to ride with plenty of lift. Only downside so far is that its a 2 tool assembly system now (large torx for the mast and small torx fitting on the wings)

I did try the Mega K wing too. That feels like a much more refined version of the P rather than something totally different. Still has the really early lift and that slow cruise feeling but doesn't feel as much like you hit the brick wall if you try and go fast (though its not actually any faster in a straight line).
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Re: Shinn P wing > What's next K2 wing

Postby NEkitesurfing » Wed Dec 16, 2020 11:10 am

I'm riding both the MEGA K and K2 Foil with 90 cm Carbon Mast. The 90 cm mast makes it easier to go faster because it offers more flight height which makes it a lot easier not to hit the water surface. It allows as well heeling angles for improved upwind performance. The carbon mast is lighter and the steering inputs are very direct which improves control as well. The noise that could be caused by the wings is suppressed as well. I can achieve higher speeds with the MEGA K compared with the P-Foil because the MEGA K is more yaw stable. Together with the new downturned stabiliser S20.1 it offers an improved top speed and makes it easier to roll into the turn. It is for me really fun to make a slalom with the MEGA K in all desired radii.
The K2 is different. It likes to be accellerated and achieves higher top speeds than the MEGA K or P-Foil. It is more roll stable than the MEGA K. Going on a straight line the reduced resistance is immediately noticeable. That is very nice in heavy gusts when it accellerates only instead of requiring more control.

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