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Where to get a custom made aluminum foil mast

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Re: Where to get a custom made aluminum foil mast

Postby BayAreaKite » Tue Jan 26, 2021 5:09 am

I will make a claim that Project Cedrus is the strongest mast on the market, aluminum or carbon. The carbon masts are all solid, and made thinner to keep weight & drag down. This makes them soft, and causes very high strains under bending, which is why they are breaking. Carbon is 2x as strong as aluminum, carbon masts SHOULD be stronger than aluminum but they are not because they are designed and made too thin. Aluminum masts that are 19mm thick (like axis) are stiff and strong, but not as strong as Project Cedrus carbon which is also 19mm thick because again, carbon fiber is stronger than aluminum. This is basic solid mechanics.

I have 200+ pound riders winging Project Cedrus with massive wings and have never had a mast failure going into my 3rd year of production.

Please don't hesitate to PM/email me with any questions.

Thanks, Kyle @ Project Cedrus

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