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Lift 2021

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Re: Lift 2021

Postby skyhill » Wed Apr 28, 2021 3:57 am

I thought I'd post again now that I've had a couple of well powered sessions on the V2 Surf 150. It definitely performs well and is fun to ride. As has been mentioned it has a higher top end speed and glides better than the classic 150. Turning is easy and it feels very responsive to tighter or longer turns. I'm at a stage where I'm tacking to toeside and then switch feet. I feel like I can carry better speed around the tack onto the new reach with the V2 Surf. When I did get over powered it was managable and easy to ride. While it has really good low end speed I'm still getting used to how to pump back on a plane when it stalls. It seems like the Classic wings slowly drop off a plane and sink. They are also easy to pump up and get planing again.This wing has a lot of lift and will stay up almost at a dead stop and it's a little different getting it moving forward again. I think that's something I'll get used to pretty quickly.
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