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North sonar 1150 kudos to North

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North sonar 1150 kudos to North

Postby papasmerf » Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:07 am

I am surprised I have not heard more about this set up. I got the 1650 surf sonar with the 70cm mast, and added on the 85 cm mast with the 1150 wing. I just want to say I think it is an amazing setup. i got it at a small discount, probably due to it being the end of the season, septemberish. Been on it all winter with some awesome UFO's and some of my older kites. i never use the shorter mast but i switch foils on and off (they both work with the same stab) depending on light wind or not,, i could use the 1150 for everything easily and use it 80% of the time. I did try a lot of foils before and bought this one sight unseen. after i got it, i was comparing the quality and craftsmanship to some local Axis setup's and I personally give the win to North. only 3 front foil sizes to choose from but rumour is several more choices are coming soon.

i was on a old double agent before and the 1150 wing has made me into a carving freeriding maniac. the improvement was immeadiate. it felt very, very similiar to my friends cf1200, which i borrowed a for a couple weeks (also VERY NICE). the cf1200 will float on it's side long enough for easier strapless water starts (for my skills at strapless starting anyway) the north foil will sink pretty quickly,, this does offer some help in retrieval after crashes to some extent, although don't wait too long of course.

i think it was designed by the Delta Foil folks for north.

i do have another foil set i could use but am digging this one for now, will use the other set up when i start trying a few jumps.

it is well priced in relation to it's quality. i spend way too much time shopping and researching,, i wish i would have got something earlier in the summer, it would have greatly shortened my learning curve.

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