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One Strut Kites comparison

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Re: One Strut Kites comparison

Postby Cefirmeza » Thu May 06, 2021 11:53 pm

I got bored with a surf foil and small kite on winds below 10 knots. No fun at slow speeds and not being able to tack as the kite cant lift me during the turn requiring a kiteloop and often a board touchdown so I have to stick with a slow jibe.

For this reason I am switching to a faster foil (I weight 65kg so I guess a moses 637 wing would be fine) and a big foil kite or 12m single strut to deliver more speed and lift during tacks and cover more distances.

I use a 6m soul from 12-25 knots so I guess a 10m would do the job.

Anybody else has done this switch from big wing/small kite to the opposite (small wing/big kite) on lightwinds?

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Re: One Strut Kites comparison

Postby windybrit » Thu May 13, 2021 2:11 pm

Thanks for your input........ one kite to do all things will always be a compromise, I guess I have to decide where the majority of my intended usage
will be and let that guide my purchase. ;)
elguapo wrote:
Thu May 06, 2021 12:30 pm
windybrit wrote:
Wed May 05, 2021 11:31 pm
Well understood , thanks.
I rarely buy v1 of anything if I can avoid it ;)
So if the Alpha is choice #3 then I’m curious what the first two are. I btw want more foil oriented kites but when I travel want to be able to ride waves too and don’t recon the Ultra is so good for that. I am interested in the new OR Roam Hybrid (when it finally arrives)
a RAM air (foil) kite
higher aspects for speed.. low aspect kites/foils for surf style.

a strutless kite

a single strut

the foil kites tend to be more lightweight, more power/area and have better lightwind and drift (turn off pull) capabilities..easier to travel since you can use smaller kites and wont need a pumo.
strutless tend to be lighter(better lightwind), and drift better than strut kites.

the primary reason people want single struts for foiling, imo, is "fear".
they are scared they can't relaunch a foil or strutless kite...

..which to me is nonsense.
most folks learning to foil already tend have pretty good kite skills. they rarely put kites in the water..
certain kites i tend to always see in the water.. an ozone alpha is not one of them.

the best kite to use for foiling with a surf style hydrofoil is a peak4 at the moment.

nothing packs smaller.
hardly nothing beats the power/size (you'll often ride a size 3/4m while tablet riders are on 12m and single struts are on 8m)
nothing will stay in the air in less wind..nothing drifts/turns off better
you literally have to steer the kite into the water to get it out the air.
to me...a peak4 on short lines is the ideal setup for going upwind to ocean swell..and then riding those growing waves back over the reefs.

the negative (ie fear) of a peak4.
yes. relaunching ability is poor (to be nice)

i understand knowing how to self rescue with your kite..
but your pump kite is not supposed to be your PFD.. stop relying on it
... just where an impact vest or invest in an restube pfd like waterman in literally every single other sport does.

but again, you already have pretty good kite skills
just dont steer your kite into the water.. easy.

all this is just personal opinion..


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