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Size of a hydrofoil board for kite

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Re: Size of a hydrofoil board for kite

Postby Flyboy » Tue May 04, 2021 3:00 am

janeko wrote:
Sat May 01, 2021 9:37 pm
Hi all,

I'm currently planning to buy my first hydrofoil board for kiting and looking for something lightweight.

My top options right now are:
1. Cabrinha Special Agent (available sizes: 105cm, 125cm)
2. North Sense (available sizes: 135cm)
3. F-one Pocket (available sizes: 120cm, 130cm, 145cm)

But I'm not sure about the length of the board I should be choosing. I'm 6'3 (190cm), 187 lb (85kg).

What length would you advise from the above picks?

I would go with something on the larger size - 125 - 135 cm. When you start foiling it's an all-or-nothing experience. You either get up on the foil ... or you don't. The larger board will help you water start & make your first sessions more productive.After 20 or 30 sessions, you will most likely be pretty confident getting up on foil & starting to get more comfortable riding for longer periods without crashing. Once you're reasonable competent you can decide what smaller size board suits your purposes. I'm not sure "compromising" on your first board really makes sense. Get a decent size board with a view to downsizing later.

Incidentally, a larger size/volume board isn't what you need for lulls - it's a larger wing that will help you through lulls. In any case, it's not common to come off foil in a lull due to the ability to generate apparent wind with the kite. If you come off foil when foiling in a straight line, the problem is you're probably not going to have enough wind to water start.

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