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Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

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Re: Wingfoil versus Kitefoil?

Postby simcoloco » Fri May 28, 2021 5:16 pm

I find that I enjoy kitefoiling much more then wingfoiling. Wingfoiling is ok for me as it is a different discipline and different workout, but I find I can do everything and have way more fun on a kitefoil than I can on wingfoil. Also, everything about the wingfoil is bigger and bulkier, wing foil and board, and multiple leashes.

In 15-20MPH winds I'm an a 3.7M kite or a 6M wing. in 20- 27MPH is a 2.8M kite or 4M wing, and 27+MPH a 2.2M kite and I haven't winged this wind.
With kite foiling a 1M board and a 970cm2 foil, with winging, much bigger board and foil.

I find I'm way more maneuverable and can generate the low end needed to water start or fly through lulls with the kite. I can still fully depower the kite and I don't have a wing in my hand in the way, and can ride swell and pump the foil much more dynamically than with wingfoil. I hear people say you can't kitefoil swell without the pull of a kite, but most have not flown small kites in those conditions, most were on kite twice the size in the same conditions.

Seems like half or more of the kitefoilers have gone to winging that I see. Lots of them make it look like tons of fun and are very proficient and they love it.

Ultimately, it's whatever floats your boat, and it's fun to be on the water with everyone so stoked.
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