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Finally ordered a foil set

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Re: Finally ordered a foil set

Postby nothing2seehere » Fri Jun 25, 2021 11:01 am

The thinking behind the bigger kite for the first sessions was that it contained enough power that you didn't need to move the kite in order to get enough power. That way you could just focus on balancing the board for those first runs and forget about the kite. I think the expression used when I was learning was a kite that was 'just' big enough that you could ride a twin tip with it.

I don't know the cabrinha Radar to know if its grunty or not. Certainly a 9 Neo would have enough grunt in 13-16knots. Even with a big wing, you still need to start by learning to ride on the surface of the water first. I'd have thought a 12m kite that you could gently send across the window would do that just as well as a small kite you have to dive hard to get the initial kick. You are learning an unfamiliar action just to ride and I think a big kite allows greater finesse in action to control the power.

Again, I'm talking very early days here and with the big wings now you might be ready to move on to a smaller kite within an hour. I remember back in the day people talking about doing a couple of runs without the wings just to get used to the waterstart :)

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Re: Finally ordered a foil set

Postby matth » Fri Jun 25, 2021 1:13 pm

Flyboy wrote:
Thu Jun 24, 2021 6:41 pm
HALF wrote:
Thu Jun 24, 2021 12:15 pm
One question to the more experienced people, which kite should i use when learning in 13-16 knots?
FS Speed5 9m
Cabrinha Radar 9m
Supermodel 12m
Airush ultra 14m

i see people look at small kites while foiling, but i am not sure if it is easier to learn on a bigger kite?

I am 84kg
Personally, in around 13 - 16 knots & with that size wing, I would suggest the 9m Radar. I'm surprised people are suggesting a 12m. When they were learning they were probably using 500 - 700 cm2 wings.

My tip: when water starting I usually (carefully) each out & put my foot on the wing. This prevents you from bashing your ankles on the foil as you locate the foil & stabilize it. I then push against the wing while pulling on the top of the board in order to pivot the board on its side.
Big kites and big wings are a bad combo. I am a beginner/ intermediate and can get going on my 200 lift around 12/13 mph with my 9m Boxer. Once up the 9m feels great. Basically, if you can get up, you can foil. I think a bigger BOARD(to help with water starts and balance)with a smaller kite is the way to go for a beginner. I bought a 12m Ultra at first because I thought I needed the power, I used it once and was completely overpowered by 12/13 mph. Being overpowered on a foil is scary and dangerous for a beginner IMO.

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Re: Finally ordered a foil set

Postby ieism » Sun Jun 27, 2021 7:05 am

I agree the 9 would be better. This foil lifts at very low speed and with a big kite it's hard to ride taxiing.

Only if you cannot waterstart with the 9 without diving it all the way down would I take a bigger kite. Better to be on the small side.

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