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Re: Sabfoil/Moses - 799 vs 633 for kiting

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2021 11:03 pm
by grigorib
addictedtofoil wrote:
Tue Aug 03, 2021 10:51 pm

I disagree with you saying that you don't need a 1100 wing, it is a great wing for beginners and experienced kiters, tremendous fun carving hard and for jumping, but I am a kite foil freestyler, I like to carve/surf chop, hard carving turns, jump high and sometimes go fast in a straight line but this gets boring after a few minutes. I can do the same with the 800 but hard carving turns leaning right back if you make a mistake and breach, the foil will suddenly jump out of the water and you can slice your leading lines on the back of the foil (already done it) as the lines are low close to the water looping through the power zone, so the 799 can do the same but without slicing lines or yourself :)
grigorib wrote:
Tue Aug 03, 2021 3:31 pm

My main point is - you don’t need 1100 wing for most of kiting sessions except lightwind and 1100 and smaller are perfectly mountable onto kite fuselage, kiting with surf fuselage is a ridiculous idea.

I’m not saying you don’t need a 1100 - I got a 1200 wing myself and it’s very much needed in lightwind. I rarely but do ride it and what’s important - I have it mountable on same kite fuselage so I don’t have to own and carry another bigger aluminum stick.
But I use it very rarely, only when I need to go bigger than 5m UFO but don’t want to bother rigging a 7m. Big kites are less fun for me.

Re: Sabfoil/Moses - 799 vs 633 for kiting

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2021 11:12 pm
by addictedtofoil
Yes having one fuselage would be great but they have an existing market to consider as well as a new market.

M8 holes are better but unnecessary for kite wings and just adds weight probably why they haven't changed it, hence the reason for different sizes.

I'm happy with two 647/700.

I drilled my 633 to M8 so I have to give it another go to compare with the 799