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Ozone Alpha V2 - Jumper or not

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Ozone Alpha V2 - Jumper or not

Postby Foil » Sun Jul 11, 2021 8:30 pm

I love boosting on my foil, I now use Ozone foil kites which are great Jumpers, notably the chrono V4.

I used to own Ozone Alpha V1 kites, and tried them on my TTip a few years back and they were simply awful for boosting, but at that time a few years back boosting my foil was not on the menu, as I was not even using 3 straps back then and the thought of jumping my foil was just so weird,
how things have changed, I am like a jumping bean now on my foil, just addicted.

so simple question is - will the Alpha V2 boost good on a foil kite board?
its a very different shape, the old one was the best super light airs relaunching LEI out there, (tried just about all of the superlight minimal strut kites out there)
I am tempted to get the 10 or 12 but need to know just that one important quality. promo vids just don't tell me much.

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Re: Ozone Alpha V2 - Jumper or not

Postby Unity-Watersports » Sun Jul 11, 2021 9:47 pm

It does jump and is much better on a twin tip than the v1 but won't take you too the moon,

the enduro does a better job but doesn't have the light weight structure as the alpha, so when guys are on 10 enduro V3 not going I am flying around on my 10 alpha V2. I have found the low end on the V2 alpha is amazing and I have been going in some stupidly light winds with my demo kite

I have nearly sold out of them so will hopefully get some more feedback from the pure foil jumpers out there.

The kite that has surprised me as it's an alpha v1 with new materials is the catalyst V3 not spent to much time on the foil with it but I can say the alpha V2 does have better low end than the V3 catalyst

However I took the 10m catalyst V3 out on a twintip in about 25 knts and it jumped really well and kiteloops as well :) the equivalent size alpha v1 on a twin tip I found boring.

The best thing about the new alpha is the wind range it just so solid I had a customer demo it in 12 knts the other day and was holding the 10m alpha V2 fine in 20 knts but was getting a little fast for him :)

No way it will jump as big as a chrono in my opinion however it's a super fun kite and the new leading edge tech and new material makes a huge difference. It took over 3 years to develop the constant curve tech and I can't wait to see it on the other kites,
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