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Had Low Wind Breakthrough For Big Guys Like Me 100 kg

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Re: Had Low Wind Breakthrough For Big Guys Like Me 100 kg

Postby Peter_Frank » Tue Aug 03, 2021 7:18 am

bigtone667 wrote:
Tue Aug 03, 2021 6:37 am

I really rely on having quite a large power zone for the kite and I achieve this primarily by having 32m race lines. Makes a huge difference to me getting started.

True, this goes for all weights but the bigger the more important.
It is not only the longer powersweep that helps hugely, but the fact that when you loop the kite with power meaning not too tight, you will still get pull upwards, which is essential as when looped on shorter lines the horizontal pull is almost useless in light conditions, for starting.

8) Peter

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Re: Had Low Wind Breakthrough For Big Guys Like Me 100 kg

Postby Kamikuza » Tue Aug 03, 2021 1:59 pm

bkkite wrote:
Mon Aug 02, 2021 11:20 pm
Did you find the bar response slow?

The Core xlite feels a lot like a Nexus 2, but it doesn’t fall out of the sky on big lulls, which just makes you way more confident going out in light winds. It probably turns about the same as the nexus, maybe a touch faster, with a touch less input from the bar. The drift is really nice, I’ve built up so much instinct not going towards the kite quickly… with this kite riding down wind is a lot easier than the Core XRs I was riding before ( admittedly not good kites for foiling )
Of the Mono? IIRC there was a bit of lag in action/reaction, and the Drifter is still king at slack-line response for me. I'd still like to try that style of kite again...

Drifter vs SB is a different world for foiling eh. Now I've got fewer kites, but a greater variety in design :D

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