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Re: Strapless foiling in gusty wind

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2021 12:10 pm
by jumptheshark
hydrofoils are gust killers on their own really.

Almost regardless of what kite your on, the low drag nature of the hydrofoil coupled with the ease of upwind ability and you can kill nearly any gust simply by riding toward the kite when a gust hits. Thats a pretty effective way to kill the power and after which you can pretty easily get the kite to the edge and point back windward to usually regain and then add to your upwind ground.

The bumpy nature of the condition when its gusty is definitely something that takes some practice getting used to, but once you get a handle on simply maintaining a moderate consistency to your boat speed, it's pretty incredible how a small kite on foil can tame even the wildest of winds.

+1 for the Peaks. They certainly make condition that I found far less fun with a small LEI worth riding, but nothing is infalable.