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Moses Fuselage 749 to 710 change - recommendation

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Moses Fuselage 749 to 710 change - recommendation

Postby abel » Fri Nov 12, 2021 10:33 am

I've been kite foiling for more than a year on the 633 front wing, 749 fuselage and 483 rear wing configuration (original ONDA set in the box).
I had the feeling that I had a lot of drag causing low speed and incorrect stance (too much front foot pressure).
About a month ago, I was riding with a friend that had the same setup and I tried his foil.
There was a big difference in the speed I could reach and the stance was way more comfortable.
Puzzled coz I couldn't understand WTF is going on. :-?
I put the two boards side by side and compared them carefully.
Then, I found out that the fuselage was slightly different I was on the 749 and he had the 710.
I couldn't believe my eyes! How come only 39 mm in the length of the fuselage can make such a difference. :roll:
Giving another meticulous inspection, I realized that front wing is closer to the mast by a few centimeters.
I still have doubts if that is the MAIN difference or the rear wing has a smaller angle of attack that also helps to improve the behavior of the hydrofoil.

Anyhow, changing the 749 to the 710 was a significant improvement for me.
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Re: Moses Fuselage 749 to 710 change - recommendation

Postby grigorib » Fri Nov 12, 2021 4:00 pm

When I was switching from 749 to 710 I recall measuring how much closer the wing is to the mast and it appeared to be proportional compared to stabilizer move closer to the mast too. I was hoping for the wing to sit as close as possible to the mast but that didn’t happen with 710.
Major improvement was that set with 710 fuselage was nicely fitting Slingshot Fkite foil sleeve (after switching to 450 stabilizer as well) :)

If you can - move the mast further back and it’ll fix the stance issue. You can also shim your stabilizer pointing it up by 1-2° - a 1mm plastic washer at rear bolt between stabilizer and the fuselage would also help stance if you can’t move the mast.

Also major improvement for me came switching from 633 to 683s/679 which are 20% thinner and 20% smaller area wings. 683s became my wing of 2019 pretty much and lasted till 695 was released in 2020. Now, even prettier better wings are there and coming out for surf fuselage - 799/899 and 699 is on the way

For more stability and speed - get the 310 stabilizer. viewtopic.php?p=1153068#p1153068

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