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633 sabfoil different setup?

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Re: 633 sabfoil different setup?

Postby grigorib » Sun Sep 24, 2023 4:15 pm

Saski wrote:
Mon Aug 21, 2023 10:30 am
Hello. is there anyone who has tested different setups for a 633 sabfoil. Thought different fuselage lengths and other stabilizers?
now have M93K - WT633 - S480 - F703K.
I rode 633 with original Moses 749, Stingy’s 743 (wing closer to mast), Moses 710 and Stringy’s short fuselage ~550mm.
I can attest that fuselage length difference is barely noticeable when riding. Yet you can tell when carrying extra long and heavy stick of large surf fuselages.
Getting wing closer to mast is nice because it doesn't pry rear end of mast insert out as much.

I rode 633 with:
- original 483 which as stabilizers with winglets pointed down tends to get winglets destroyed on occasional rocks and shell.
- with 450 for a year back in 2019. I loved winglets pointed up but I had to shim 450 aiming it up to compensate for excessive downward angle it has. Without shim my stance moved way too far forward.
- with 420 race stabilizer. Some folks like 633/683s/679 with race stabilizers because of extra looseness/playfulness they get and because race stabilizers are thinner (less draggy) than 483/450. I’m not a big fan of small stabilizers paired with large wings for kitefoil (for winging it’s good)
- with RDB 310 cm² “surf” stabilizer which is about as large yet thinner than 483/450, has winglets pointed up and doesn’t need shimming. I use the 310 cm² for lightwind primarily, when it’s time for large wing.

I think 633 and 679 being de facto kitefoil wings deserve connection rather to kitefoil fuselage which is lighter, more compact and could pair another, smaller wings. But it might be too late to talk about it.

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Re: 633 sabfoil different setup?

Postby vanart » Tue Oct 10, 2023 12:57 am


I've had the opportunity to experiment with different setups for the 633 Sabfoil, including various fuselage lengths and stabilizers. Your setup with the M93K - WT633 - S480 - F703K combination looks interesting!

Here are a few insights from my experience:

Fuselage Length: Experimenting with different fuselage lengths can significantly impact the overall performance of your foil setup. A longer fuselage generally provides greater stability and a smoother ride at higher speeds, while a shorter one can enhance maneuverability. Since you have the F703K fuselage, you might notice improved stability for cruising.

Stabilizers: The choice of stabilizer can also make a big difference. The S480 stabilizer is known for its versatility, offering a good balance between lift and control. Depending on your riding style and conditions, you might want to explore other stabilizers to fine-tune your setup further.

Wing Selection: The WT633 wing is a popular choice for its all-around performance. It's great for cruising and carving, but if you're interested in more specific riding styles like racing or advanced maneuvers, you might want to consider trying different wings within the Sabfoil range.

Ultimately, the "perfect" setup depends on your personal preferences, riding style, and the conditions you frequently encounter. I recommend keeping a journal of your sessions with various configurations to track your preferences and how they perform under different circumstances.

Additionally, reaching out to local foilers or online communities can be a great way to gather more insights and discover what setups work best for others in your area or with similar riding styles.

Happy foiling, and I hope you find the ideal setup that suits your needs!


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Re: 633 sabfoil different setup?

Postby Frankieboy » Tue Oct 10, 2023 11:21 am

I've been riding the 633 since a few years now and tried different stabs:
- 483: good lift but too slow
- 450: much too much lift and slow
- new 425: too much lift
- old 425 (race): perfect balance but more like on a rail. 420 and 421 are comparable I guess.
- 370: very nice balance, as fast as the old 425 but snappier in waves. It is the one I use now.

All this riding waves on a 94cm pocket board (KS37) so no rails to movre the foil around and not much room for adapting you stance. Knowing that the right stab is crucial

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Re: 633 sabfoil different setup?

Postby Bladebarry » Tue Oct 10, 2023 8:53 pm

hello guys, I ride with 399 and 633, in the foiling the speed is little bit more but you are in up and down if you have choppy waves. In the flat water you have good speed, your's curve is very close perfect for 360°. you push in there front foot your speed is well. Good for carving in the waves

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Re: 633 sabfoil different setup?

Postby echo123 » Sun Nov 19, 2023 6:21 pm

Which one do you think works better?
Is the new S430 Gullwing Ok for the W633 and works also good ? Or ist the W480 Gullwing for beginning the better choice in combination with the W633 ?
Is there a big different ?

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