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the smallest kite for foiling?

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Re: the smallest kite for foiling?

Postby sflinux » Thu Dec 28, 2023 12:29 am

My smallest kite for foiling is a 5M strutless. I wouldn't worry about number of struts unless you are looking at big kite (over 10M). For foiling I get away with 10M 5 strut as my big kite for when it is breezy. I carry a 7M 5 strut for when it gets windy.
If you are deciding between a 9M and 11M, I would lean towards the smaller kite. I would not buy both, too much loverlap, especially for foiling. Once you get kite flying skills get better you learn how to milk the low end of smaller kites. My advice would be to keep using your current quiver until they die, then buy what is needed. I doubt your 12M will get much use. Buying an 11M doesn't make much sense as it has similar low end to a 9M with a lower top end. And a 11M has too much overlap with your 12M.
To increase the drift of your current kites, try shortening the flying lines. (~18M for 9M or smaller)
In my experience a foil ( i.e. 7M) can use a kitesize smaller than a surfboard ( i.e 9M). And a surfboard ( i.e. 9M) can use a kitesize smaller than a twintip (i.e 12M).

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Re: the smallest kite for foiling?

Postby Nak » Thu Dec 28, 2023 2:55 am

Here's the deal, once you go zero strut for foiling, in any size, you find out that is the answer. For any wind range, you can use a much smaller kite for foiling than for twin tipping, so the struts--even just one--do nothing for you but slow the kite . For twin tipping yes, you want 3 or 5 strut kites. The one struts are good if you like to foil way overpowered and jump. That said, the UFO jumps as good as any one strut. I do agree about the 9 - 11: no need for the 11m for most of us. I used to be a fan of the 11m until recently, and still am for very specific conditions. Those are: steady 7 - 9 knot winds with little likelihood of the wind increasing. From 9 knot sup the 9m works just fine for foiling--and is faster with a better top end than the 11m. For the smallest kite, it depends on your winds. If you never see more than 20 knots, you need/want at least a 4m. for winds greater than 22 knots, you really want a 3m in the mix. For the Gorge, I want a 3,4,5,6, 8. For Baja, a 3,4,5,6,9.

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Re: the smallest kite for foiling?

Postby Regis-de-giens » Fri Dec 29, 2023 12:16 am

are 7m and 9m not too close to each other ? I would make 10 or even 11 m to complete a 7m ... moreover if you want to buy as few kite as just necessary . hydroFoil extends a lot the wind ranges of kites vs TT's
PS : I like TT riding in stronger wind a lot like you target, to vary from hydrofoiling ; and this is also a way to reduce kite quiver if you keep both supports ; it is true that this TT pleasure disappears years after years of hydrofoiling, when you start wave riding or jumping or look for comfortable long distance; but during 7 years I rode foil and TT in parallel depending on conditions

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Re: the smallest kite for foiling?

Postby rnelias » Fri Dec 29, 2023 2:27 am

krzysztofbr wrote:
Wed Dec 27, 2023 1:58 pm
hi Guys,
I have F-ONE PLANE IC6 950 V3 (with mast 55,75,95)
but I'm a prety newbie in this area (my weight is 100kg) my question is about kites for foil. So far I had 5 struts switchblades (7,9,12) but They are heavy without good drift (for learning was good enough:)). I was thinking about what I could buy. I decided to buy 9 and 11m one strut cabrinha contra dedicated for foiling. does it make sense? add one smaller kite? or just stay with 7m 5 strut that I already have? or maybe buy 7 one strut?
I have exactly the same plane as you but I'm 75kg and only use the 95cm mast (alum)

In my local spot wind ranges from 8 to 14k. I'd say 12k in average at least 60% of the year

My previous kite for everything was a Boxer 9m but I also have/tried:

Soul 8m: too small

Soul 12m: works very well but due to the nature of the wind I have here, that, literally, shut-down all of a suden, I avoid to use this kite.

I've had an Alpha v1 8m too but it was a tad small for my local range and switched to the Boxer 9m

I also got a Peak4 in 5m just to have a taste of single-skin kites and concluded they're not for me. It makes the Soul 12m concern even worse since can not be dropped on water.

Now I've got 2 UFO's v2 in 6 and 9m size. Today I had the first session on the 9m and wind was 10k in average with 7k in lulls. I'm in love with UFO's for now but, in your case, I'd suggest to stick to the 1-struct kites. For your weight, maybe the 10 or 11m would be suitable for the range I've cited (8-14k)

my 0.02 :thumb:

IC6 950/Boxer 9m (about 14-16k)

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Re: the smallest kite for foiling?

Postby krzysztofbr » Fri Dec 29, 2023 12:40 pm

thanks for the advice. like You see there is no one way., We have multiple paths (depending on weight, skills also hydrofoil plane)
9 and 11 have overlap yes. You are right. but I'm presuming 11 can help me a lot during 8-12 knots days in Egipt.
I already have bought the two mentioned Cabrinha 1s contras.
and I was thinking about smaller like 6-7m 1strut, I have 7m but the Cabrinha switchblade 7m which is dedicated to the freeride.
and I've got an answer wait and dont buy 7m 1strut. When I will improve my skills maybe I will know What I need. especially I prefer foiling for super light winds. is is 20 knots I'm using only TT so far.
Guys, I appreciate your comments. and I can't disagree just because my knowledge is small.
I wish You always good smooth stable winds. See You Next Year:)

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