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Re: The Pansh A15, an A18 review

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:29 pm
by foilholio
Jakemoore is selling his A15 9m Ultralight ... 3784093811

Re: The Pansh A15, an A18 review

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:00 pm
by foilholio
I'll repost this here as well

Ok disclaimer is this mod is still a work in progress, but I love it so far. My measurements could be slightly wrong or more,but I try. Replicating how I measure is important for reproducing the same. For extensions done as additional LCLs, that is from the knot to the top of the larkshead of the added lcl. All measurements were done on the kite assembled. I use as light a force to remove slack/droop as possible when measuring.

Most things can be changed using existing bridles, but some lighter line like 40-50kg will be needed for lcl extensions and kite line for mixer extensions/alterations.

I'll break it into parts and try be brief, as I can explain more if you want.

1. Remove all C bridles.

2. Convert mixer to 3:1.

3. Move 4 B bridles at tip to C position. Add lcl loop to now the tip C bridle.

4. Add new bridle for tip B to connect to A group at tip( I just larks head onto the bottom of it).

5. Add lcl extensions to Z bridles at tips.

My measurements ALL in mm for my 18m A15 You may have to convert them.

Mixertest- B+98

Blimit- 525

New B tip to A bridle- 1037

Z extensions (5 total) from tip inward- 157,117,71,45,27

Total length of center A bridle from A main top - 7595 - this I think you could use to calculate the lengths for a 9m or other sizes.

Other measurements that are not needed but may help

Reduce Z approx- 600

A main (doubled in half +extension) -1060

B main - unchanged

Converting measurements

I would look for input on this, but I guess you could use my (Total length of center A bridle from A main top - 7595) and compare to yours for a % change.

Otherwise you can use the formula that was used on the Fun Alex Aurora mod which is Length*(squareroot your kite size/squareroot my kite size).

I would think that only these need converting

New B tip to A bridle- 1037

Z extensions (5 total) from tip inward- 157,117,71,45,27

with the formula for a 9m they become

New B tip to A bridle- 691

Z extensions (5 total) from tip inward- 105,78,47,30,18

Converting the mixer

I doubled the A main in half and added an extension at the bottom to get the B limit correct. I connected the other pulley on an extension off the front main. The front end of the pulley line connects to the front of the loop on the B pulley. I added a overhand simple knot to the end of the pulley line to stop it at the pulley. I shortened the Z main with a larkshead back onto a 8 knot on it, like FS has used to adjust things. I also connected it to an 8 knot on the middle of the rear main for quick adjustment. I suggest adjusting the A main for the B limit and Z for the mixer test. B has no adjustment and does not need it.

Additional notes

The Z extensions, increase L/D and stability but affect turning. They are quite tolerant to different lengths.

The B tip bridle affects the kite quite a bit, maybe play with it.

It is a work still in progress, but good so far. Hopefully you or others can offer ideas.