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Ram air kites don't relaunch

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Ram air kites don't relaunch

Postby PullStrings » Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:51 pm

alexrider wrote:The title was a bait for PMU. Didn't work. :D glassing :shout: ....( i'm just being silly )

:pump: :pump: :pump: :pump: :pump: :pump: :pump: :pump:

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Re: Ram air kites don't relaunch

Postby Toby » Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:01 pm

When I went to wakatobi this summer, they used Sonics there.

I haven't used foils in a while...and the guys explained me a bit how he relaunches the kite etc.

When I tested the kite I had a bonbon and I thought that's it...but I tried how he explained me and it worked out fine! Even after a while sitting on the water I relaunched it.

You jus need to know how and some patience and it wil work most of the time.

I asked Flysurfer to do a video on the relaunch techniques. That will help many people who lack the experience for sure.

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Re: Ram air kites don't relaunch

Postby bigtone667 » Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:13 am

Nice work...... really impressive and a great example of how to do a water launch.

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Re: Ram air kites don't relaunch

Postby Do-it » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:12 am

way to much work.... didn't see much riding afterwards

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Re: Ram air kites don't relaunch

Postby Carlos_C » Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:55 pm

I remember once whilst riding a speed 1 thirteen and wind was fairly light - 10 - 11 knts - a chap had one of the early ozone tubes leading edge down in the water. It just wouldn't relaunch - so I dropped the speed in the water - tried to help him turn the kite (no luck) - so reverse lauched the speed and rode away.
Have used Flysurfers since 2002 - for me the hardest relaunch was the psycho2 = easiest the pulse 2. The old ones such as psycho1 - you could just go to leash and the kite would revese automatically onto it's trailing a beginner it was so much easier than what my mates on inflatables were having to put up with

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Re: Ram air kites don't relaunch

Postby kiteman54 » Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:34 pm

For an easy drift launch or beach launch, or any light wind situation preinflate with a battery powered leaf blower. It is great for cleaning the kite as well and getting it to dry quickly.

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Re: Ram air kites don't relaunch

Postby Horst Sergio » Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:58 pm

Thanks for the secound video from Bubi and Armin, was looking for it but didn't find it. The speed 1 was already pretty good doing this, tried it myself in 2006. But I think under our conditions with less than 10 knts would have been difficult, not just because of the lack of Lotus fabric, but also as Sp 1 didn't open the B-level.

Do-it wrote:way to much work.... didn't see much riding afterwards

Hi Do-it,

I translated the Résumé of the newer German tutorial, to give an impression about the needed effort in the original topic:

check this: ... 94#p952194

And sorry,
first we thought to cut a video about the whole great day with all the riding and fun around. But as everything takes time and we have already posted enough other riding videos, we thought it is better to concentrate on the tutorial.

But now, just for you some expressions about the great day we had before and especially after the water launch, while most of the other kiters in our zone maybe where claiming in the internet forum about: "No wind", "to much work to get out" and so on :D But maybe they also had fun their way doing this


or that



So before we went into the water, we had to check if the wind was just 6 or hopefully around 8 knts. Going with the unicycle was indeed the biggest effort of the day as I am still beginner :)
After the shown water launch we where cruising
Till a hard 12 knt gust hits us and Marko exploded the first time :D
While Marko recovered I started to go around and meet some other friends with their boat
As I enjoy the challenge, I went upwind till the end of the lake into a gusty low wind lee
to see how long the kite will stay up and to see how it will relaunch nearly without wind afterwards
(we still have to write a test report about the new sonic2 and so we are testing the extrem parameters)
When getting together with Marko again we went 6 km downwind to check out the other corners of the lake
Afterwards I once again went 6 km upwind to impress some guys on the sup with some jumps :D
Also Mischa from meets us on the end on the water, also launching his 13 m Sonic2 from the water. But the battery of the gopro was already empty after 2 hours of riding.
So just a photo of his unicycle tries after the around 3 hour kite session.


On the end we tried to drive to a nice restaurant to get pizza, but the traffic around the lake was terrible, so Marko gets off, to beat the traffic and all the guys with their Porsches :rollgrin:
And as he was successful :rollgrin:
Pizza was delivered and eaten still hot :cool2:

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Re: Ram air kites don't relaunch

Postby Johhnn » Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:48 am

Excellent post Horst Sergio! Why don't I have people like you around where I kite??? Best Wishes.

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