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New foil from Ozone

For all foil kite riders
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Re: New foil from Ozone

Postby mgs » Sun May 06, 2018 8:39 pm

Hey Tom,
Glad to read your liking your 9m HL UL. I’ve been kitesurfing 2 days back to back over this weekend with aim to thoroughly test my 12m HL on the water. The wind has been light on both occasions but today managed a short session in 10mph winds, before the wind dropped for a while. We are having great weather here in the UK with North East winds, so the venue that I was kitesurfing at has very flat water.
After a few false starts, I was up and planning to get the speed up before edging the board to go up wind. I’m kitesurfing using a Skimboard (Non kite specific) 54” x 20” in around a foot (30cm) or so of water. In light winds you have to squeeze as much power out of the kite as possible as well keeping a close watch on board position.

The kite was “parked” but did need a bit of working from time to time to maintain the speed. A slight increase in wind is all I would have needed in my case. I decided to walk back and change kites, I returned to the water with my 12m Chrono V1, that worked very well, then the wind picked up a bit and all was good. I do need more time on the water with the HL, a tad more wind or getting back to 85kgs will certainly help.
As for line settings, reading the Ozone manual it refers to “line stretch” I’ve used the standard setting as a starting point and then used the -5cm knot resulting in more power. (When you pull the bar towards you, you can feel the kite powering up sooner) It’s worth trying out different settings to see what you prefer.
I don’t have any experience with Hydrofoils other than you need less wind as compared to a Twin Tip apparently, however if you get a “race kite” (High Aspect Ratio) you will certainly feel the difference in speed as compared to your HL. A 15m Chrono or an R1 would be fine I would have thought.

Any chance you could borrow one from somewhere, trying before you buy would be nice.
My Chrono 12m V1 is amazing in low winds. It’s very fast and super-efficient and goes up wind with ease. I have had riders following me who ended beaching themselves as they couldn’t keep to the same angle, plus I don’t have fins and able to skim in a few inches of water. The need for fins is zero in my world.

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