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Pansh Aurora II 10m - one item off bucket list

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Pansh Aurora II 10m - one item off bucket list

Postby oldkiter » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:28 pm

PROFESSORS Kykeon and Regis, thank you!

I am in the 1% in which the paucity of my knowledge is appalling!!

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Re: Pansh Aurora II 10m - one item off bucket list

Postby oldkiter » Wed Feb 07, 2018 2:35 am

Aurora II 10m Dimensions_LI.jpg
For anyone interested here are some of the dimensions (in mm) - using the Pansh diagram. Within +/- few mm they are the same on both sides.

When I hold the "mixers" together A is longer than Z by the length of the last leader (apx15cm) (not shown on diagram). I call the "Mixer" the point where the multiple bridle lines come together at a single bridle "leader" line.

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Re: Pansh Aurora II 10m - one item off bucket list

Postby airsail » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:19 am

Pansh Aurora 12 Ultralight
Rider weight - 80 kg
Wind conditions - 9-14 knots
Custom large foil
Previous foil experience, 19 mtr Speed 2 and 10 mtr Psycho 3

Kite arrived 2 weeks after ordering, contact with Pansh was great, and tracking details provided. The kite arrived with two draw string bags, a small for initial shipping and a larger one for kite and bar.
I ordered kite only, pairing it with a 60cm Flysurfer bar and 15 mtr lines.

The kite seems well made, no faults found so far. The zip is good quality corrosion resistant, unlike my larger Flysurfer that needed a corroded zip replacing prematurely. The bridle lines are made of different types and thickness depending on location and load, hopefully this sorts out some of the shrinkage problems. All bridles were attached correctly and I measured all the bridles prior to use (see Pansh Bridle thread)

The kite flew fine out of the box, took awhile to inflate fully but first time I guess this is to be expected. On second use it inflated much quicker, pumping the rear lines helps.

I have had the kite out twice now, 7 to 14 knots. The kite flies nice on the beach, bugger all tip tucking which my psycho is prone to. If a tip tucks just push the bar out and it untucks 7 knots is only just enough wind and it is tricky to get up but once going but all good though transition need some skill in the ultra light stuff to avoid a touchdown.

Nothing spectacular about its performance, it flys similar to my other foils, downloops well during transitions and drifts while jibing without falling out of the sky.

The bar pressure is light and it is easy to oversheet, having 1” depower pulled helps stop this. The 60cm bar is a must to get adequate but not fast turning.
Up at 14 knots the leading edge gets dents in each pocket, I’m sure slowing the kite but normal for larger celled Flysurfer’s. It did backwind once in the higher winds, probably my fault, but recovered quickly. As I’m only using it in light winds this isn’t a problem.
Have managed to give it 3 swims so far, none had the kite take on water even after a minute laying on the water. Bit of back line tension and it sorted itself out then reverse launched easily.
Landing is simple with the 5th line. Leave the kite overhead, reach up and grab the 5th line, drag the kite out of the sky down in front of you, only for light wind.

I don’t have experience with the newer foil kites so comparison is only with my current flysurfers but the Aurora 12 is quite adequate for my light wind needs on a foil.

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Re: Pansh Aurora II 10m - one item off bucket list

Postby oldkiter » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:20 pm

Thanks airsail for the detailed review. Still waiting to try my 10m in at least 12-14 mph. Will first use this 10m kite in about 14-20 mph with TT. Learning foilboard at same time so will be very interesting!!

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Re: Pansh Aurora II 10m - one item off bucket list

Postby RagingGrandpa » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:02 pm

From the other thread:
RagingGrandpa wrote:
Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:00 pm
gwicke wrote:
Tue Nov 15, 2016 3:06 am
Just got a 12m Aurora 2, also in the ultralight fabric. First impressions:

- Weight: 2.15kg
- The fabric is much stiffer and crispy. Basically the same as good quality silnylon spinnakers. Compared to the standard fabric, the ultralight fabric should stretch and distort a lot less under load. It will also take on less water. I would not be surprised if it was also stronger.
- The vents are covered in a much lighter and more open mesh than the relatively heavy and closed PVC mesh I have on my 8m regular Aurora 2. The new material is close to what Ozone uses. I cut large squares into the PVC on my other Aurora to improve inflation speed and pressure, so this is a nice improvement.
- Slick bridle, thin enough to minimize shrinkage.
- Bridle attachment loops switched from webbing to a more closed / non-woven material. Seems a bit stiffer, which could be good for weight distribution along the seam.
- No magnetic blow-out valves. This reduces weight, avoids the magnetic sand collection, and should make the kite hold air a bit longer, but also increases the risk of blowing a cell when crashing the kite hard.

Overall, to me the ultralight looks all-round higher quality. The fabric should perform better, and I expect it to have a longer useful life than the standard. If I were to get another 8m, I would consider getting that in ultralight fabric as well.

A word of caution on the Ultralight versions... I blew out my 15m's guts pretty badly in a nose-down crash on water. Many completely torn internal cell walls and straps. (No external tears, still held air, flew like a sloppy turd though.) This was during a downloop waterstart in light wind, which is really the only way to get going in <10kt conditions (Sector 54 'freerace' board). I fell towards the kite, slackening the lines and widening the loop, and bam.

Lesson to learn? It's not "don't loop"- the loop is required. "Don't fall"? Everyone falls... "Don't bother going out in 8kt"? But that's the magic of the big efficient foilkites: a delightful sensation of making your own wind. If every day blew 15kt I would have no need for it.

I couldn't help but wonder if the trailing-edge blowout valves on the 'standard' version would have saved it from tearing. But it's a conundrum, wondering if the 'standard' version can still do the apparent wind magic I love. Even if it's just a $475 kite, killing it in one crash is a real bummer. This may be the risk the name-brand race-kite users are accustomed to, but I had taken it for granted until now...


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Re: Pansh Aurora II 10m - one item off bucket list

Postby foilholio » Wed Apr 25, 2018 11:35 pm

This is the problem with foil kites, usually only happens with small ones in higher winds. I have never seen it in a large kite or in light wind. I think the blow out valves in the trailing edge do help prevent it. I was smashing my Genesis all day long with no damage . I removed the blow outs, first crash 4 cells blown.

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Re: Pansh Aurora II 10m - one item off bucket list and 15m review

Postby oldkiter » Thu May 24, 2018 11:10 pm

I bought the Aurora II in 15m since my last posting.

Got it because of price, thought it could be lower wind kite, and because wind has been too pitiful to fly the 10m.

Finally had opportunity to go out in about 10-16mph. Ocean but inside breakwater so not much wave action. Almost straight on shore wind.

For those considering the 15m, be happy, don't worry! I had completely over read and over thought this kite and foil kites! It was awesome!!

I used kite right out of bag. I had changed the Pansh bar to 20m lines ( Pansh 25m are equal lengths too). I also removed the 2 pigtails on depower line just below the connection for front lines. This made lines about even when bar powered and pulled to CL. I still pulled some depower prior to launching and on water(bar flew about 3" from CL).

Did slow downwind launch. Perfect! Used my larger 145cm TT, I weigh 165lbs (75kg?). Started at about 12mph and building to about 16mph. Just a very easy kite to use! Never over or under powered! Turns a bit slower but didn't spread hands apart. Didn't try looping kite. The drift is incredible! Did S-turns on some runs into beach, almost downwind, and kite just sits above waiting for input to go other direction! Also, kite seems to point higher than my higher aspect LEIs!

When I came in younger friends said it looked like I was riding any of my regular LEIs. Rider for another foil brand also stated that he is familiar with the Aurora and thinks it's a good first foil kite.

Anyway, I'm obviously very happy with the purchases and looking forward to more use and higher winds for the 10m.

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