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Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 8:16 pm
by TomW
I've had 6 sessions on the hyperlink 9m UL now. Today I was near top end. Flying 20 m lines on standard rear line knot, and on moses fluente 550 wing.
Wind was solid 15 knots but increasing ( not gusts, but increasing for like 5-10 minutes) to 19 knots, then back to 15-17 for 10 minutes . It was 50-60 cm wind waves and choppy.
At 19knots I was powered but no problem to go downwind or push upwind, if I did broad reach it was really fast and I had to be careful with kite position and keeping foil from breaching. I probably would have been better on longest rear line knot and had a bit more control in the increases.
I think if wind was solid 19 it would have been too much, but I had breaks from it. If it was 20-22 it's too much kite, but probably alright if water state is easy ( never is with that wind here)

I did side launch style in 15-17 knots. It inflated on side for 15 sec, then before it reached zenith it was all inflated. Fast inflate.

Im really enjoying the smooth power, especially in the windy and rough water today. Way easier than lei.... My skills on foil are improving because of the kites smoothness and predictable behaviour.

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 4:32 pm
by TomW
Does anyone have hands-on experience with the Hyperlink 7 and 5m on hydrofoil?
I´d like to know what top end is on 7m with Hydrofoil and low end of 5m on hydrofoil.
I am 75 kg dry and riding medium freeride wings.

Like i said above, im finding comfortable top end of the 9m at 10-17knots. ( 7 knot range) I´d like a smaller foil kite for 15-22 knots which is common here and where i travel.

I think this chart is realistic- on the 9m I am having fun in 10 knots and holding easy to 17 knots
The 7 m appears it will only add 2-3 knots to top end
I´m afraid 5m will be too big gap at low end...

Hyperlink-V1-Wind-range-land.jpg (41.43 KiB) Viewed 4562 times

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 6:48 pm
by jakemoore
Two sessions yesterday both with 20 meter lines. The 7 is the size I use most and would have been optimal for me in these conditions. I took the 5 then the 9.

First tooling around underpowered on the HL 5 with a big wing. In lulls I would need a loop to start. Most of the time not. There was plenty of kite power for riding, but not a lot of support for example to practice jibe footwork.

Then I tried some jumping with the HL 9 and a free-race wing. Not overpowered, but down loops were a little spooky.

Famous Frank appears to ride these kites in way more wind than I do.

I would choose the 7 unless you really want to fly a small kite stunt-kiting style.

HL 5 Cruizer.jpg
HL 9 Aspect.jpg

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 9:35 pm
by TomW
Hi Jakemoore,
Excellent info!
That looks like very similar wind I had: 17-20 mph with some lulls.
9 ok, but yes, mega speed on down loops. Some hard falls doing them.
And 5 too small.....Matches the chart that there is very little overlapping with 9/5.

And I'm not into the loopy kite whipping around approach. I'm into the Famousfrank and Gunnar style of powered freeride. Might change, but not now.

So whats your top end on the 7 with non mega wing?

I might get a moses 633 wing, but sceptical it is worth the cash when I enjoy the 590 and have simple set up. I think it would be better investment to have additional foil kite. The 9m Hyperlink has been major improvement.

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 9:54 pm
by jakemoore
TomW wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 9:35 pm
So whats your top end on the 7 with non mega wing?
I don't know because I'm mostly interested in pulling myself into surf and then forgetting the kite. Only very rarely would I test the top end. And I've ridden the Levitaz Aspect wing only 3 or 4 times now. I'm almost always on the Cruiser. Yesterday was pretty fun so maybe more experience soon. Also 20 meter lines that day, where I usually go for 24-30 to milk the low end. If we have a solid 20 knots I'll switch to surfboard or twin tip without landing the kite.

I think the overlap is remarkable. 9 could take more wind but I generally prefer a smaller kite. My max speeds are still only just over 20 knots and that is fast enough for me! The 5 could go in less, and that suits me because I like to ride underpowered. Mostly I save the 9 for light winds so it is dry and ready to go. Mine is regular cloth and pulls me onto the foil in very light winds so long as I can keep it from picking up wet sand.

A final thought is that landing foil kites can be a hassle in higher winds. Somewhere over 20 the penalty for a mistake goes up, as does the likelihood of flogging tangles in the bridle. The tethered ghost launch and landing of an LEI kite works so well in upper winds that I will continue to have a foil/LEI mix.

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 10:26 pm
by TomW
Yesterday, before I got the hyperlink 9m, I would have been on my 7m North Mono. And it would have been much more jerky and difficult due to rough water state.
In 20 knots+ I'll always have landing help, there's either other kiters or beach helpers when travelling.

My friend has levitaz cruiser and it's similar to my moses 590 wing. So that's comparable.

It still sounds like the 7m is the right choice. My other option is a flysurfer soul 6m, but it's higher aspect..

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 8:28 pm
by TomW

On another thread IWB2 says his sweet spot on Hyperlink 7 is 14-18. Rides it 12-22.
7 seems to have a lot of overlapping with the 9.
Seems like I need a 6m. Perhaps a Soul??

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Thu May 24, 2018 10:20 pm
by jakemoore
TomW wrote: On another thread IWB2 says his sweet spot on Hyperlink 7 is 14-18. Rides it 12-22.
Sounds about right to me. I think the top end for me is a little higher on foil and quite a lot higher on surfboard and twin tip. 7 is my most used kite, though at the moment I've been switching between 5 and 9 to seek low and high end. I think one of the lessons of hydrofoil is that there is a lot of overlap in kite size in force 4 winds. There was a video where BRM Greg rode tiny and big kites all in the same session.
TomW wrote: Seems like I need a 6m. Perhaps a Soul??
I'm very curious to fly a Soul. They look stunning and I have been quite happy with my FS.

I would be careful about commenting sizes between different manufactures. Some manufacturers over or under state size e.g. 8.6 and 9.4 might both be called a "9" Also some kite generate more power for size by flying fast, others more static pull. Flysurfer had a trend seeking to extend top end range of their kites between the Psycho 4-Speed 3/4. With Speed 1 I could fly my 7 when people were on 13 Waroos. With Psycho 3 I was on a 10 for the same range. (Psycho3 10 was one of my favorite all time kites) With Psycho 4 I had a 12 and I would say the bottom end was similar to a 10 meter tube kite, but the sudden spike in lift it could make by flying fast was awesome for big jumps. Speed 4 DLX was also underpowered for its size but could make a crazy power spike if looped into the window. Speed 4 lotus came back a little in power for size where I would fly a 10 compared to 12 tube kites. I would venture to say the HL-7 is a little more powerful than Speed 4 lotus 8 but I don't have the luxury of flying them back to back. I actually purchased the HL-9 to replace the Lotus 8 when I lost it in a crash. I was quite surprised with the bottom end power of the HL. HL-9 definitely has more pull than the Lotus 10 which I still have. However the Lotus turns better when depowered, resulting in better use in the top end wind range. Lotus is more resistant to folding a wingtip into the bridle when carelessly riding downwind. I would guess I could get higher jumps and a harder yank off the water with a TT and the Lotus. The Lotus has better relaunch, but requires foil kite technique to reverse both rear lines. The active wingtips on the Lotus make it a little more difficult to body drag out in light winds.

Hyperlink and S4 Lotus are very different kites. Both gave me a lot of fun. Soul is a new generation for FS. I would not guess how the Soul is based on my experience with Hyperlink or the S4 Lotus.

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 9:37 pm
by TomW
I have now 11 sessions in a row on the hyperlink, not used my Monos since.
Today it was 12-17 knots, 25 m lines, middle rear line knot, depower trim from 1/2 to full.
Moses 590 wing.
It was perfect. Still trying to figure out what size hyperlink for 15-23 knots.15 would be lulls, 23-24 tops. 7m or 5m..

Re: Hyperlink size recommedation

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 6:19 am
by jakemoore
Frank Rosin wrote:
Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:39 pm
7m Hyperlink on very short lines with hydrofoil, always trying new stuff:

Famous says this is 25 knots.