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Ozone Hyperlink 12m Bar Pressure

For all foil kite riders
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Ozone Hyperlink 12m Bar Pressure

Postby hudstur » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:28 pm

Love my Ozone Chrono V3 15m UL on my Lift foil board (36" mast, 150 Wing). Thinking of the Hyperlink 12m for a more versatile kite. My friend is pushing me on the Chrono V3 11m. I am 100 kg, and also like to twin tip and directional surfboard here in Delray Beach, FL in small choppy waves.

How is the bar pressure on the HL and any other insights you can provide?
Pls compare the HL 12m UL v.s. Chrono V3 11m UL.

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Re: Ozone Hyperlink 12m Bar Pressure

Postby mgs » Mon May 14, 2018 6:12 pm

Hello Hudstur – With regards to bar pressure, I can only comment with respect to 12m HL (Standard fabric) and the 12m Chrono V1 (Standard fabric)if that’s of any help.
The bar pressure is a tad more perhaps but quite frankly the difference being minimal. The HL is easy to launch/fly with the kite being fully inflated before getting to the top of the window.
The difference between my Chrono v1’s and the HL is very apparent. When I dive the Chrono it responds immediately and shoots up wind, the HL responds much slower and is less aggressive.
I guess that’s the difference between a high AR and mid AR foil.

I’ve got use to the Chrono V1's but never complacent and purchased the 12m HL as an alternative kite to use from time to time and thinking a mid AR foil would help me with my transition from TT to a skimboard.
However, I do miss the performance that you get with the Chrono and perhaps I need a kite somewhere between the HL and the Chrono.
I still need more time with the HL and trying out different rear line settings to see what the difference makes.

With regards to “Versatility”, the HL can be configured for open or closed cell, nice feature to have if you want to use it for land or snow.
You may miss the performance you get with your Chrono V3 and If you’re looking for a kite for higher winds to complement your 15m, then an 11m may work for you.

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