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Flysurfer Soul vs. Ozone Hyperlink for LW foilboard riding

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Flysurfer Soul vs. Ozone Hyperlink for LW foilboard riding

Postby Heimo » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:51 am

@foilholio - Your right, the lines tangled into my cam later at 0.59 at starting backwards second time, not on the first start!

@Long - right, the start-problem i caused with the wrong direction fo my barside.

About brakes: On FS-Kites, i am used to fly without brakes, but on the Ozone, they were there from the production and i didnt think about it, used it and forgot it.

Later, i saw on an other Kite-Vid, that someone put the brakes to front of the Bar, not to the back and that seems the reason, that my bar had the wrong twist at first start, what i was not used to and made this mistake..

I will leave the brakes away in the future. They have some benefits, but over all, as seen on this Vid, i always pull on both sides which is contraproductive.

Back looping:

Normally - i am sinusing forward, but when i realize, that there is no more wind pulling in front, its a kind of hope to find some wind more backwards where the kite found wind some seconds before and i loop back - loosing some speed of course, loosing momentum. Sometimes it works, but in cases of complete lulls, - not.

Sheeting out at upstroke - there i really have to work on my reactions a bit! Thanks.

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Re: Flysurfer Soul vs. Ozone Hyperlink for LW foilboard riding

Postby jakemoore » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:49 pm

Heimo wrote: Here some impressions about a very lowend session with many wind-holes - just them, to show the real behave of the HL12:


This is not about foiling but more about wind-lulls and HL..
This video is pretty awesome considering how light the wind is. I did not see a single whitecap. I can hear the riders breath and the whistle of the foil but no wind. Sailboats are going slow with minimal heel. There are no other kites.

I’m guessing this hill and tree lined lake has cold water, a bit of a wind gradient, and difficult shifty wind. There is no surprise the kite fell at the end coming to shore near the trees. Maybe more wind aloft to pull the rider, but the wind gradient also means relaunch is very tough.

It not unreasonable to loop the kite back uspecially if the wind shifts the kite out of the window. Obviously this makes more downwind pull but gives a hope to keep the kite and foil flying. It does not appear the rider is choking the kite on upstroke. I tend to make longer more deliberate impulses on the lines when relaunching a foil kite as foilholio suggests. But you can’t argue with success and I saw several successful relaunches in near zero wind.

So in summary this looks like a skilled rider and light weight kite performing in tough conditions to me. The only thing I would change to make the low end more accessible would be longer thinner lines so long as it is still possible to launch the kite on the tree lined shore.

Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Flysurfer Soul vs. Ozone Hyperlink for LW foilboard riding

Postby TomW » Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:07 pm

yesterday was gusty 13-18 knots. I wasnt sure, wind seemed a bit gusty and more than meter said. so launched my new Hyperlink 7m for first time. TT and surfboard people on 12 -10-9 kites depending.
I lulls i had to work to waterstart, but once up it was perfect. In gusts i can run with wind and swells in perfect control or push upwind, or just depower. Kite drifts like a dream and is in perfect control and smooth.
I never felt overpowered. Kite is fast turning for me. I could easily down loop it too fast and get pulled off.
20m lines on 55cm bar, riding Moses 633 wing.
My Quiver is now Hyperlink 7m, 9M UL, Sonic 2 13m- covers me 6/8 knots to at least 20knots- dont know high end of 7m. But only used once since i got it in early july.
Moving into late summer /fall with more wind, so it will get more use.

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