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Flysurfer-specific training?

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Flysurfer-specific training?

Postby Gyre » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:31 am


- It's upwind angle and speed I mean. I can get riding, but I can't get back to my launch site when the wind is light, while the good riders with comparable boards and body weight on 15m or 17m tube kitescan.

- Mixer test (MT) settings: I put the kite profile back to neutral because increased camber (case 5) seemed to make my kite frontstall and act unpredictably. Possibly related to line trimming... see below.

- Line length: standard 21m. I've never tried my extensions (just lazy) but I'll try; great idea.

- Trimming: I think this might be the secret. Since this thread started I've found that if I go against my training and COMPLETELY DEPOWER my kite with the trim strap in light winds, it moves noticeably faster and does seem to generate more power, even though there is less "grunt". My front lines are stretched a bit (=permanent powered-up condition) and I tend to ignore that, but maybe I am underestimating the effects of front line stretch (a few cm on a flying line can't really make much difference on a huge 21m kite, can it? Well maybe it can?) Here is a dumb question but to be absolutely certain before I get my scissors out: When I detach my bar from the kite, then pull the bar completely IN (power up), the ends of all four lines should meet at exactly the same point, am I right? And I should trim/depower/cut & re-splice until they do?

- Sinusoids: I'm doing them, and they do seem to be more effective when the kite is what I tend to think is over-depowered and therefore moving faster.


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