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Re: Ozone Hyperlink 15 ?

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:41 pm
I also vote for the FS Soul 15.

It is also easier for me to test Ozone kites and I'm very happy with them. But after seeing the super easy relaunch of the FS Soul I was crazy to test one, cause my only complain about the Chrono V2 was that I was never able to relaunch it again after doping it (I don't blame the kite, maybe is out of my skill), something that is not rare because I love foilboosting and any misstiming on redirecting the kite caused a drop in the drink.

All I can say is that try to make an effort to be in a Flysurfer testival because after testing the FS Soul I just can say the kite is unbelibely stable and I ended up buying one.

And I haven't tested the relaunch yet because I still haven't experienced any bad behavior in the kite even in totally mistimed jumps (caused by the nasty chop in my main spot leading to a too early water exit)
But the kite just floats with me, just like an inflatable!

Re: Ozone Hyperlink 15 ?

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:15 am
by early bird2
Thanks everybody for your help .
I'm gonna find a way to demo the Soul first .
Cheers !

Re: Ozone Hyperlink 15 ?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:46 am
by early bird2
Horst Sergio wrote:
Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:26 am
gmb13 wrote:
Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:03 am
The Soul and the Hyperlink are two completely different kites.
Ah ok, thought Hyperlink and Soul are both classified as Freeride kites,
while Chrono v3 is a Freerace, isn't it? Did I miss something here?
gmb13 wrote:
Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:03 am
Earlybird wants a kite with simple bridles and an open cell option. The Soul does not fullfill those criteria.
Ah ok, I thought he wants a 15 m² Hyperlink UL which doesn't exist.
And yes, Hyperlink is much simpler in construction value, but not in the way to have a bridle that will not tangle more easily. The complexity of Soul is, that you have many option to set up the kite to nearly as new shape, even if it is very old, while the simple answer from Ozone is: "Buy a new bridle".
And seriously, I like options, as the ozone zipper for snow, but don't forget, if you want to use the full snow system with the reef line safety system (originaly invented by FS), you have to install this 5te line, which you can do in a different traditional way on every foil kite in the same time (minimum 15 minutes) ... so if this is the big argument? I am not sure.

@early bird2:

So I think if Gunnar doesn't sew one personally for you :wink: , also to me
- Soul 15 m² (1999 €) would have been the first thought and
- MINIMA 15 m² would have been the secound, especially if price has any meaning to you.

But would expect that Gunnar is right for sure when talking about similar bar forces, when changing from HL to Chrono, which is an important factor, too.
(Have to add: also the Soul has higher bar forces just can compare to Chrono v1 and v2, but very similar to both.)

But if this and the for sure a bit better performance (but maybe not relaunch cabability), is worth to pay triple :o :
15 m² Chrono3 UL 3199 €
15 m² MINIMAbeta 1099 €

You have to decide yourself.
Horst , I appreciate your tips as usual you are of a very good help .
I knew very well that there was no 15 meters HL but it might make Ozone think about adding one in the next version we never know . I am confident they are more than able to come with something close to the Soul .
I had never heard about the Minimabeta , I'll take a look at this kite .
Talking of snow , I don't like a dancing balloon on hard pack snow , so the idea of an open cells kite that deflate quickly for winter is better , so when I read that the Soul keeps its air forever , this is not very tempting if I want to use it on snow . Ozone came with an unbelievable kite with the Blizzard/Below Zero . I have the 7 and 9 meters and it is a dream to have this fifth line to be able to instantly kill the kite and land it on a dime .I went with the HL in 12 to try to save a little , of course the best is to have two differents foil kite , one closed and an open cells of the same size .
I will wait to demo a Soul later , for the moment because of the bunch of sea weeds that just appeared on my tiny beach and gave me headaches , I ordered an inflatable North Juice 15 . It should do the job in my learning curve with hydrofoiling .

Thanks alot and best winds to you !