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9m Hyperlink UL loses pressure too soon

For all foil kite riders
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Re: 9m Hyperlink UL loses pressure too soon

Postby gmb13 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:52 am

foilholio wrote:
Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:48 am
gmb13 wrote:
Sun Jul 22, 2018 9:57 am
I think people have missed the point of the video. My question was: Why does the kite not fill up with water in a situation like this?

Quite easy answer. Because you have barely left it on the water. It is not a fast relaunch but also not a slow one. I will also add the vents avoid taking any water and narrowly miss some of the whitewash that could have added quick a bit of water. Your technique is no doubt good, hard to see exactly what has happened. Maybe you did drop the whole kite and bar? You did avoid a tip wrap, inversion, hourglass, an some bridle fun. At the end you had some water, tips definitely flapped, kite collapse may have been because of water as well.

I will add a quick relaunch on a foil kite will leave tube kiters not aware it even dropped. I would say 2-10seconds. On many occasions I have relaunched while still on plane, even relaunched while still riding a wave a few times.
Again, not the point. The same kite will actually have quite a bit of water inside the kite, if I am attached to it, if I take that long to relaunch it. In the video there was zero water inside, that is wha the kite relaunched immediately when I grabbed the chicken loop. It inverted because it was hot launched on short lines missing a bit of internal pressure. If you look closely at the video, there is no water coming out of the outlets on the tip, it is flapping because the kite is wet.

You also see that the kite rolled a few times and spent some time with the intakes in the water, and still no water got in. As some have theorised, that water might be coming in through the seams, this is not happening with my kite. If it was, the kite should also be filling with water without me attached to it.


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Re: 9m Hyperlink UL loses pressure too soon

Postby evan » Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:02 am

This topic was about the Hyperlink losing air faster compared to a Soul, not if a tumbling Hyperlink that barely touches the water was relauncheable or not.

I never had problems relaunching in high winds, it is always the <8kn days where the kite sits on the water when waiting for a gust to relaunch that the airtightness of the kite matters the most. In my experience water only enters the kite when it is deflated and the water can get on top of it when the kite lays flat on its back. Pulling the trailing edge towards you, trying to relanch, making it worse as you are pulling it against the water.

I was just guessing that Ozone loses the air through the seams as in my experience i could roll up the Ozone kites without opening the zipper and easily forcing the air out the kite and also seeing the sand get blown awai where the seams are. My Peter Lynns also los air through the seams forcing it out when rolling, but it is really hard to roll them up without opening the deflate valve.

So Ozone loses more air through the intakes, through the seams or both. But they definitely lose air faster on the the ground after a session. If that impacts the relaunch depends on your ridinng style, wind and skills.

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Re: 9m Hyperlink UL loses pressure too soon

Postby foilholio » Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:56 pm

gmb13 wrote:
Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:52 am
If you look closely at the video, there is no water coming out of the outlets on the tip, it is flapping because the kite is wet.
There is no way to see if there is actual water exiting the tips, because video resolutions is too low. I doubt even 4k would be enough. To me, it's my opinion and experience, those tips flapped like that because water was inside the kite and exiting the tips. I would say it is not much water maybe 1/2 to 1 cup each tip.

The primary reason for taking on water is the same for loosing air, which is the air tightness of the fabric. Given the accusations of loosing air and taking on water, it would be interesting to see some numbers on Ozones fabrics.

It is already well known that Flysurfer has a very good coating now with lotus. Perhaps Ozone could look at using a better coating, styrene-butadiene rubber as tested by me and others for recoating fabric seems very good, particularly with air tightness but is also similar to lotus in it's repellency of water.

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