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Chrono V3 Vs Flysurfer Soul.

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Chrono V3 Vs Flysurfer Soul.

Postby fernmanus » Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:52 pm

I bought a Chrono 1 and Chrono 2 kites. My biggest complaint with both of those kites was lack of wind range and lack of stability. My Sonic 1 and 2 were much more similar when it comes to stability and still had much better wind range than the respective Chrono 1 & 2. The stability and wind range of the Soul is light years ahead of the Chrono 1 & 2.

I will give the Chrono 3 a demo, but I am not going to go out there and buy one like I did in the past with Chrono 1 & 2 because frankly the Chrono 1 was not as good as the Sonic 1, the Chrono 2 was not as good as the Sonic 2. Tell me is the Chrono 3 better than the Soul when it comes to stability and wind range??? Cause, I can't see it unless that kite made a major leap compared to the Chrono 2. The kind of leap that we saw between the Speed 5 and the Soul.

Clearly, I am not a FS fanboy, I like the best performing foil kites and I am willing to buy models from Ozone and Flysurfer, but I have to say that I was not that impressed with the Chrono 1 & 2, not impressed with the Hyperlink either. The Edge v9, now that is an impressive kite!!!

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Re: Chrono V3 Vs Flysurfer Soul.

Postby jakemoore » Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:33 pm

I'm quite happy with my Chrono V3 13.

Having flown both Chrono and Soul, my bias is that Soul have faster turning especially depowered and more increased lift on sheeting the bar which are both very nice for jumping.

Soul is very slightly lower in weight than Chrono in regular cloth. (Soul published numbers vs my weight of Chrono on scale)

I like FS mixers better than Ozone due to adjustability and easily replaced SPL.

However I think the Chrono's double braid bridle all the way to the kite is going to offer better longevity and easier management on the beach if at the cost of some drag performance. I believe my ability to body drag out to deep water due to kite stability is superior with Chrono and I'm often foiling when our local Soul guys are not.

Ultimately my decision to go with the Chrono was based on the fact that I can walk into our local shop and buy one on a light wind day.

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Re: Chrono V3 Vs Flysurfer Soul.

Postby Foil » Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:38 am

I am very happy with my decision to go for the V3 ultralight cloth Chrono, my decision took over a year of soaking up the information about the 3 main contenders to suit my locations,ability, and sailing style preference, having used foils off and on for many years (more off) i was never convinced they were a good choice for Ttips and had many negative experiences at that time.
The hyperlink in 9mtr standard cloth was fun to use whilst i was still learning to foilboard (6 months in) but faded to dull very quickly as my lei reos were just so much more fun, sold the 9mtr,and after after trying the 12, which was for me was extremely dull and left me with a why bother feeling.

a sailing buddy was using the chrono v2 standard cloth and swapped one of his 3 kites to Ulight V3, he kept banging on about how different they were to his V2 std cloth chrono kites, after 6 months he had changed out his 3 chrono kites to V3 ULights, and I was impressed with everything I could see about the kites, but still not convinced I wanted to go back to the dark side of foil kites.

my trip to Lake como did re-light my interest in foil kites as there were many many Souls in use there, mostly 12s with the odd 10 and 8,
I spent some time with the soul rep there who had all the sizes on free demo and after a few days with him I was really thinking i might jump in and buy a new 12 soul.
But held off as this was a massive lake with ideal foil kite conditions, my home spot in the uk is so different so convincing me was not easy.

What finally did convince me was using the V3 Ulight chrono on home ground in conditions just right for a 15mtr chrono ULight, next to no wind and me nervously taking up the offer to use it for the day, would I drop it? hate it, tangle the bridle, get pulled around in the gusts, not be able to loop it into turns?
Well, a few days later i bought a new 13mtr chrono ULight, and have used it nearly every day for a month, but after borrowing my buddies 15mtr a few more times then I have ordered a 15mtr as well, they do feel so different, in a good way, the 13 has so much range, the 15 has less so, but feels so so good in its low wind range, effortless to use, stability is awesome, upwind is locked it fast,solid, and a few deg higher than my 13mtr which was being used by my buddy whilst I was on his 15mtr(again)
i never dreamed I would want both the 13 and 15 but I was wrong, both have their place, even though the 13mtr will be the go to kite most of the time.

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Re: Chrono V3 Vs Flysurfer Soul.

Postby Armin Harich » Mon Jul 01, 2019 12:22 am

The Sonic 2 is in bigger sizes (12 -> 18) for skilled foils riders (mainly because of the opening of the ears while launching) a very good option compared to the SOUL. The Sonic gives you more performance. The SOUL is easy to used and to launch.

Here a Video, how you can exactly power up the Soul to perfection (Z 4cm shorter than A).
This is independent, if it is new or old. The SOUL with a new Bar comes from itself to that perfect setup after 3-20h or use.

Cheers, Armin

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