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New to Foils, bought a Pansh A15 12m

For all foil kite riders
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Re: New to Foils, bought a Pansh A15 12m

Postby F-Bear » Wed Apr 22, 2020 4:43 am

you do not need the 5th line on the Genesis or A15, and it comes off super easy on the Pansh kites. Be sure to set the bar for backstalling at full power so you can bring the kite down to the ground and hold it there. For the Peak, set your 4-line bar for even lines at full power, just like an LEI. I do not use a strap across the steering lines like some foil kite bars, but you need something about a foot or so up the steering lines from the bar to grab for when you wanna reverse launch or mega backstall, little balls or longer floats work great. The Peak really is superb. Flysurfer did wonders with this kite...I am starting to sound like a Peak salesman...

No idea what size you should get...but with that giant wing I'd think smaller is better....and least for me that is what I shoot for. Small enough to get up and ride, and survive the gusts ! Do not know for sure, but I'd think higher aspect kites like the Aurora and Aeolus would not work as well in gusty lake wind. Even my A15 12m can be a bit of a handful in 5g20 kts.

My Peak4 5m can make almost as much power as my 9m LEI (Switch Element V3), but you gotta learn how to fly the Peak....lots of fine control on the sheeting. I find myself tweaking the bar 1 or 2 cm at a time to extract max power, a bit to much it flaps, to little it flaps, so very easy to find the best position. You can also backstall it or turn it back into the power zone and zoom across for a spike of power. So much fun. I've had the best sessions on my landboard with the Peak4, since it just keeps flying no matter what stupid things I do. It has quickly made me a better kiter since you get immediate feedback if over or under sheeted, it flaps ! Holding it on the edge of the window DOES NOT get maximum power, not even close.

Physics says the Peak4 will fly in the least wind (since it has half the cloth of a regular foil). If your lake has decent gusts, the 5m or 8m Peak4 would do the trick probably, but cost more than a Pansh A15 or Genesis. In the end, I will probably score an 8m Peak4 for lighter winds...but I am concerned if it will handle the gusts as well as the 5m does. More expensive than an A15, but they just work so well in our gusty winds. Maybe try a Peak4 5m and go from there? Even if it doesn't work out for your lighter winds, you'll love it for medium and higher winds. Or try a Genesis..they are uber cheap but not nearly as awesome as a Peak. If you are new to foiling, get a 6m or so Genesis and use it for training...I crashed a ton when first flying a foil. Would have cried if did that to my Peak.

It was windy here today and I worked instead...LAME. Should have bailed as it is going to rain the next couple days. I never learn...

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Re: New to Foils, bought a Pansh A15 12m

Postby Michaelr123 » Wed Apr 22, 2020 2:34 pm

good advice all around. as a newer kiter (coming on up on my kiting anniversary) I'm still relying on a big, grunty wing to haul me out of the water without really dialing in my kite flying to generate the power on a smaller wing. I'm starting to work with smaller kites and learning to fly 9m kites faster and with proper sheeting to really get everything out of the kite I can. I'm hoping to get to the point where I can foil with a kite that isn't completely depowered the whole time I'm cruising :D I found something that said single skins are on the order of twice as powerful as a comparable sized LEI, IDK if that's true, but that would roughly line up with your situation. typical foil kites were 1.5 times a comparable LEI for reference.

I guess it's also a question of what you want to do, sounds like a genesis/peak4 would be a great cruising/free ride/gust-eating kite, where as the higher aspect kites will be faster, more freestyle focused. would you all agree?

The other thing that I like about going with a peak4 is the resale-ability. I'm always a fan of being able to trade something back in if I change my mind in 6 months :) now if I can just find someone to buy my 17m turbine and door board...


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Re: New to Foils, bought a Pansh A15 12m

Postby esme » Wed Apr 22, 2020 10:45 pm

I got the Pansh A15 12m too great kite. It really stays in the air in very light wind.

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Re: New to Foils, bought a Pansh A15 12m

Postby 15toeside » Sun May 10, 2020 2:42 pm

I suggest you try some of the other mods on the A15. Like Jackomixer and Alt version and No C.

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