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repairing broken ribs inside speed4 lotus kite.

For all foil kite riders
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repairing broken ribs inside speed4 lotus kite.

Postby twig » Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:32 pm


Time to time I see a new broken strap hanging loose inside my speed4 lotus 12m while flying it.

I have been sewing them together with an extra piece of deluxe cloth folded double and with some extra seams to make it really strong. Ive done that about 6 times.
Apart from these narrow straps ripping off sometimes Im still happy with my kite that I bought used.

But I thought that there must be a way too secure those straps that's not broken yet but where you see alot of wear ( big holes in the cloth where the sewing thread goes).
If you would glue a piece of deluxe cloth covering the part that is about to rip soon, would that stop it from ripping? and what glue would you suggest?

I have repaired some small holes in the outer canopy: then adding a piece of lotus cloth with silicone to the hole. Worked great!
But for the deluxe cloth inside the kite, would there be some other glue that is better? strong and elastic?

Any Ideas from others reparing their foilkites?

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Re: repairing broken ribs inside speed4 lotus kite.

Postby foilholio » Sun Sep 02, 2018 4:03 pm

E6000, or you can make your own even more diluted (better lighter) from shoegoo/goop with toluene. It bonds better to porous uncoated fabric or the uncoated side. Great for patching pin holes and even bigger stuff. Stitching is the most reliable repair though.

I am surprised stuff sticks to lotus?

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