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Pulsion mixer test?

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Pulsion mixer test?

Postby Regis-de-giens » Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:38 pm

I tested an exagerated camber further than the max existing setting knot (A toward the bar and B toward the kite). On both 12m and 15m pulsion on water and snow. Hete is the sum-up....

You gain even more power, incredible. Stability is a bit affected if you let the bar fully go away under 5 knots, but just moving the kite gently is enough to keep it stable. Agility is also even improved. However LD ratio is degraded, hence the lateral pull is higher and less straight speed (so everything is as expected).

In conclusion i found out that this setting is VERY interesting for snowkitingin very light winds , specially in small mountains where going up and down the hills does not require a good glide and LD ratio : you need grunt, a good loop and agility to go up, and "nothing" to go down: perfect. Also for little jumps using the increased speed when going down tjhe hill : you gain in boost and agility to close the kiteloops shortly.

For the hydrofoil around 5 knots, this "over-settiing" is still pleasant on the 15m but too low speed and lateral pull on the 12m, which limit is then the last knot as designed, shorter is not pleasant. Moreover this degraded stability is a bit more painful in water in on-shore conditions, while it is not a real problem on snow for skilled pilots

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Re: Pulsion mixer test?

Postby foilholio » Mon Apr 22, 2019 2:31 am

Finally you gave this a try! It is certainly interesting. That is a good application on snow. I think a bar camber trim would be useful for some like racers. For hydrofoil the flying limit of kites is the main issue but that seemed? to improve a bit with camber increase.

Overall I have abandoned excess camber in favor of efficiency or L/D. I think I prefer easier quicker upwind. And why I am into flattening Z and disconnecting it at the tip. You should at least try the disconnection of Z at the tip as it is so easy. If you have no LCLs you could just add them on maybe a few of Z at the tip so you can also try extending to flatten it later.

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