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Peter Lynn Nova

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Peter Lynn Nova

Postby mgs » Fri Dec 27, 2019 2:19 pm

In this Nova video you at least see the kite being launched which in my opinion is a key event that needs to be filmed with the launching process being clearly explained.
With reference to the video @0.45, the sound that Velcro makes is not the sound of a fresh kite!
I guess the presenter just got a tad over excited. :D

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Re: Peter Lynn Nova

Postby jakemoore » Sat Dec 28, 2019 2:57 am

Horst Sergio wrote:
Fri Dec 27, 2019 12:47 pm

Just about Nova, Marabou and Pansh, at least I was not able to find one ...


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Re: Peter Lynn Nova

Postby foilholio » Sun Dec 29, 2019 2:42 am

mar menor wrote: Foilholio you said "any" kite from Pansh above . However, you have also said "Some of their models are not too good " on a Pansh thread........ also if you consider the 'cost' of the time needed to 'mod' as often needed ,even when new,the price is not great.There are many ,many quality brands.....and then there is Pansh
Yes I did say that, and that was in reference to some of their kites flying better than others. Some of those kites though they flew ok could have been much better like, the Aurora 1 or Genesis and have since been replaced with much better updated models. But even if you were to look at a more poorer flying model, the value for $ is immense, if you choose a better model like Aurora 2 or 3 you are going to get the best value obviously.

Well mods are not always considered necessary. I personally find mods a hobby in themselves. And remember as a foil kite ages or say you get a second hand one you will find the problem of making it fly well, for that even a flysurfer needs "mods". The hardest thing with mods is finding them and understanding them, for that luckily you have me to help you. Much of what I know is here to read and my time is given to help any here.

There may be many brands and they are quality, Flysurfer is the best in that regard but the cheapest is Pansh. I would love to see a well designed brand like Flysurfer sell direct and cheaper. Switch suffered for it's designs and it seems now is no longer cheap. Gong is interesting, the guy behind it seems to have a clue and passion.
mgs wrote: The term value and what you get for your money does need to be clarified. (Value is perhaps a matter of opinion)
Most all things are always a matter of opinion. But when you can say get 90% the performance for 10% the price well then most people will say the cheap option is the highest value. Value is usually always associated with more for less money. It could be considered cheap, but it is usually missing the quality by more than 90%, say you get 20 to 50% the quality and performance for 20% the price, well that would be cheap and maybe not value. There is kites like that, other chinese brands that barely fly.
mgs wrote: Valve wasn’t the subject being discussed here but looking at the price of the Nova (12m kite only) its £1165.00 in the UK from one dealer.
Value is always worth discussing , and that amount is not cheap and the use of a reseller is not something people should be forced to pay in this day. How much does the reseller pay? 600? That would be good value. You could say the reseller is stealing the value of the product, not adding value as they like to confuse people with.
Horst Sergio wrote:worst example the Pansh kites
You truly have an axe to grind don't you?
Horst Sergio wrote: It is possible to find good words about those kites but there are no videos with good kiters showing interesting sessions and style. Why?
And I am not talking about Hawaii huge waves, triple handlepass, megaloops and all those stuff never relevant for normal users. Just talking about a normal good rider showing a good session not even necessarily with semiprofessional video cutting, but with a bit more than riding straight or small one footer.

Best video I can find about Nova is were Peter Lynn seems to have had an even very good rider with Philipe Caneri but the video is less than average.

Not talking about Pansh were most videos makes you even scared about safety for people using them and people around.
Some people like their privacy, don't have time to make videos, so just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it hasn't been done. Have you seen Hawaii huge waves ridden with a skimboard? with kiteloops? :-) Most anyone knows good riders can ride well on most anything, it's the greatest joke in kiteboarding that these guys are selling the gear but were and still are on c kites lol. Timing is everything and similar gear can be great for that, toby rides one kite an 18m. I personally shred much better in some ways on a LEI, kiteloops for example, but in other ways my riding is more limited on them like with the tube falling on my head or upwind of me. I enjoy foils. Most anyone of any great ability gets free kites or at least huge discounts. The bias is obvious. I have had free gear even offered to me here on the forum, just from what I have typed. Obviously the niche realm I have reached is understood by a few out there and some of them run kite brands.

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Re: Peter Lynn Nova

Postby elguapo » Tue Dec 31, 2019 3:02 am

not sure if i'm a "good rider"... and i'm pretty that sure i've never cut any video and i know i dont use/post the social myface stuff.
but i do have a 4m peter lynn nova. i got it from one of their riders (i believe) that had the whole i cant say i actually paid $$ for it.

imo, it flies well. reminds me a *lot* of flying clouds. turning in window yields a lo of power ...just always there on demand.. quick turning (maybe a bit jumpy)
doesnt handle gusts as well as i'd personally like.. and it is not nearly as resistant to water ingress as a soul for example.. and it is not nearly the park and forget it type of kite like a peak4.
but i was comfy flying it.
at the time i only road a 6m soul more.

also, i've never *not* been able to re-launch it (it is...for various far the kite i put in the drink the most)..and also i can ride swell directly into it (u just gotta work it...unlike a peak 4)

i dont remember the lower end.. but i do know i've ridden it in ~35 kt winds last hurricane season (kite wasnt a problem...getting off shore against those waves always is)

i stopped using bc the 3m and 5m peak4s simply made it redundant.

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