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DIY AR6 closed cell Quadrifoil Style

For all foil kite riders
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Re: DIY AR6 closed cell Quadrifoil Style

Postby Schietwedder » Mon Mar 11, 2019 1:24 am

Its slowly coming together.
I first sewed together upper and lower skin for every cell. Then I connected all cells and added vents. Now i sew in all the ribs with D-Ribs and straps. I find this method really easy and accurate, I never have cloth under the sewing machine this way. I try to find a good compromise with using as less double sided tape as possible and good enough accuracy. Four cells take me around 2h with all this internal structure. A long way to go with 33 cells .. I decided to have 7 vents, 5 relatively close to the middle and 2 at the tips. Hope this will be enough. I decided to not go for the trailing edge battens for means of simplicity. But Im really happy with my leading ede reinforments, its so easy to sew around the leading edge now when sewing ribs in... They are really stiff and not much heavyer than leading edge battens due to the dyneema composite I use.

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Re: DIY AR6 closed cell Quadrifoil Style

Postby kitexpert » Mon Mar 11, 2019 11:54 am

Your work is progressing well :thumb:

For accurate sewing you could or should use alignment points for example for every 10%. But if you can do it without it is fine (ends of the seams are not out of alignment). Shapes of the cells and ribs are not very difficult to sew for that kind of design.

Your method or sewing order is different to how I've used to do it. It looks efficient though, four cells in 2h is not bad at all.

Seven vents should be enough, even five would do. LE reinforcement using stiff fabric is ok, but with plastic chord it can be done easier and a bit lighter in weight. Quite often it is possible to slide chord inside seam allowance which is easiest way to do it.

Good luck

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