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FL Soul - how to?

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 7:27 pm
by apollo4000


Out of the bag the red B bridle is twisted where it attaches to the mixer - forgive me if I’m not precisely getting it right but the photos should show the problem.

The green is fine and the lines split nicely when I hold it up.

A - does it matter
B - is there an easy fix

Ta v much

Re: FL Soul - how to?

Posted: Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:58 pm
by foilholio
It does matter slightly. It will increase the propensity for tangles.

To solve you want a large space like grass with little to no wind. Lay kite out flat. If lines are disconnected remove any twists. Lay mixer out flat side ways with A to center side or the outside, but Z at the opposite side. You want the mixer and bridles clearly separated like the line plan is drawn. When you start disconnecting things you want to keep things like this so to avoid tangles.

Disconnect the front line. Disassemble the join containing the Frontmain, Amain, and 2 Pulley lines. Remove the B pulley line from it's pulley. Untwist the B bridles/main so pulley is aligned with kite for flight. Do this with the B bridles/main/pulley pulled a bit looking at the kite. Lay it back down quarter twisting the front of the pulley in the direction of the A main, so it is straight when not flat. Assemble it all again with it laying flat making Sure not to rotate anything! Ie keep it flat while doing it. You can compare to the still assembled other side to check it if it is correct or for help.

You can also untwist A and C and the pulley lines like that, but Z is best to do separate.

If you disconnect lines then twists like that and more can occur, so why to keep lines on.