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Duotone Introduces The Capa - Freeride Foil Kite

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Duotone Introduces The Capa - Freeride Foil Kite

Postby kitexpert » Wed Dec 11, 2019 6:01 pm

Who is "surfing waves" in ultra light wind? Apparently it is you foilholio. That genre is one of the nichest of niche. All guys I know who kite surf waves do it when it is nuking, they all use small LEI kites.

My light wind kiting has been mostly on snow/ice, it is mostly just cruising around in nice weather. Small jumps, upwind turns and some tricks like deadmans turns are/may be possible then. If it very low it is just a struggle to get back where you started without walk of shame. Problem and challenge always is you don't know if there is knot or two more or less wind until you go and try, then you have either a nice light wind session or are just wasting your time. On the water I don't do it that much, I see it too much as for seeking troubles, but still I've done kiting without whitecaps quite a lot. With hf my revelation wasn't I can kite in extremely low winds but how effortless ride it gives.

I'd like to see a 360 on a single skin kite (I meant while using it for traction, not running through it). It may be a tough challenge because single skin kites sit deeper in the WW than other kites. I guess I'll try it this winter season, then we will know if it is possible or not.

Most important for me is how kite performs. My criteria for performance is "traditional", but somehow it fits very well with kites like Soul and hopefully this Capa.

It is unfortunate how expensive new material kites are but it is also worth remembering they offer a significant improvements, not only for weight.

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Re: Duotone Introduces The Capa - Freeride Foil Kite

Postby Toby » Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:13 pm

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