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Foiling line lengths with a foil kite

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 5:33 pm
by 57palawandan
I have a few foil kites 9,11,15 and am learning with them now on a fairly long line 25m.
I've used another bar which had 22 m lines it seemed faster turning.
I know long lines on a lei kite will give you a few knots lower kiting, but is that true on a foil kite which loves to sit overhead?
Using a tt the 9 turns fast,( I am used to a flysurfer boost which is high aspect turns slow but goes upwind and boosts great )the 15 m is so slow I have to reach out and pull on the line to speed the turn.
Would running short lines decrease the power much?
If I went to short lines what length is good for it?
I need more response if I want to use it for foiling.
The 2 smaller kites are race kites and the larger is a med aspect .

Re: Foiling line lengths with a foil kite

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 6:03 pm
by dave1986
Longer lines will give a power advantage when the conditions are marginal when you're struggling to get enough power to board-start. Longer lines give a bigger window, so when you dive or loop the kite it spends more time in the power-zone which helps with board starts.

However, like you pointed out - the downside to longer lines is slower turning speed. Also, as soon as you get riding and the kite is parked at the edge of the window longer lines do not offer any power advantage. In fact the longer lines give a marginal amount of extra drag (although this is negligible unless you're racing).

I find that my 20m lines work nicely and my kite turns quick enough for most conditions, but I'm considering adding some extensions for use in ultralight winds (5 to 7mph) when I struggle to get enough power to board-start.