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Short lines on smaller foil kites

For all foil kite riders
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Short lines on smaller foil kites

Postby TomW » Sat Apr 25, 2020 10:43 pm

I've been using my hyperlink v1 7m kite more often. Switching between 15m and 20 m lines.
I've found that this kite does not want to drive up to wind window edge with 20 m lines in powered conditions. The back lines bow out a lot and kite hangs back in window. It's like line drag is pulling it back. It makes it really difficult on a hydrofoil.
With 15m lines it drives upwind and is more controlled.
My 9m hyperlink v1 UL doesn't do this in powered conditions, works great on 20m lines.

Anyone else have similar experiences on 6-7 m foil kites?

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Re: Short lines on smaller foil kites

Postby jakemoore » Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:22 am

Today a nice session on HL 7 and 28m lines. 16-18 knots recorded at sensor and occasional lulls to 14 knotsny my guess.

I’ve gone as short as 12m but not crazy for such short lines.

I have replaced my pulley lines and set them in a way I can adjust their tune. I think if C is loose or alternatively breaks too tight the bar feedback is vague and then the rear lines sag a lot.

So if you have the original pulley lines consider moving the knot where the breaks attach to the C pulley line 2-3 cm toward the kite and see what you think.

I would mark the knot with a Sharpie marker so you can recover the original tune.

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Re: Short lines on smaller foil kites

Postby Foil » Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:41 pm

I have the 5mtr hyperlink V1 Ulight
and the 7mtr hyperlink V2 ( new material as light as the ultra light kite kite due to fewer cells and the light cloth)
flown both on shorter lines 13/15/18 mtr lines, found them just too off/on very jerky and not nice to use in gusty strong winds, and not easy at all to get smooth power for the initial power dive or loop to get going,in fact at times I had to work the kite like crazy to get up and going, 2/3/4/loops maybe,
tried a lot to work it out but only going back onto 23 mtr lines transformed the performance from hard work to yeer har, smooth fast riding with great boosting and smoother landings,
the short lines made boosting very much harder and the landings a matter of luck to land,in fact hard landings were more the norm on short lines.
and the longer lines sorted the power spike needed to fly straight out and up in quick time.

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