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9m Soul Opinions

For all foil kite riders
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Re: 9m Soul Opinions

Postby slide » Sat Jun 27, 2020 5:52 pm

yes if you can get them all thats always the best way if you have funds-i heard many landboarders saying the speed3 15 metre delux was a one kite quiver years gone by , and i always thought bollicks , rather you than me- get yourself a speed5 15metre -that is a big bag , you can get 4 souls in that bag-are all the spd5 bags that big

mar menor
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Re: 9m Soul Opinions

Postby mar menor » Sun Jun 28, 2020 12:32 pm

RomeUtah are you talking about the Hyperlink V2 or 'old' HL. You own the FS so you have flown it more than the 'old ' version HL which you only tested? (and for how long was that)
To do a "fair" comparison it needs to be with with V2 HL

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Re: 9m Soul Opinions

Postby Foil » Sun Jun 28, 2020 6:59 pm

all very interesting,
and I own hyperlink v1 ultralight and 2 hyperlinks v2 -- ozone Chrono v3 ultralights--- and now coming this week will be my 9 mtr brand new soul.
so I will be able to see which 9mtr I prefer and why, 3 X 9mtr top line kites, I love waves, big rolling swell as found at flag beach, and boosting, the higher the better.
I demand great relaunch, easy fast and safe launching in strong winds, no backstall or instability in super light winds, linear power through the loops without aggressive spikes of power, fast turning, light bar pressure, great build quality(kite and bridals)
you know, all the usual stuff,
and of course it has to look great and make me smile.
and for the sake of my wife who goes nuts if she can't see me out at sea, the kite needs to be visible at a distance, and she is the expert in that department,
and she is also the expert in bridal management, as she normally gets the bridals sorted out as I run out the lines(I never leave the bar attached)
kite weight will be interesting as well, as that normally gives an indication of its hover and stability capabilities in super light wind.
I am not a brand fan boy,
but I am a foil kite fan boy,
All my kites will be flown on a duotone click bar with Ozone Sk99 standard lines of 23 mtrs
oops , did I mention I think a 9mtr foil kite is the sweet spot size, I use that size 7 times from 10 and if I could, I would use a 9mtr and nothing else, but of course that won't happen

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Re: 9m Soul Opinions

Postby fernmanus » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:50 am

To answer your question - my experience with the 9m Soul is limited as I just bought one, but I have had a 10m for 18 months.

The 9m might work as a one kite travel kite if you were going someplace windy, say Maui. You still run the risk of getting blown out on a super windy day or having to rent a foilboard on a light day. However, if you were traveling to a place with light to moderate winds say Belmont Shores, CA you could ride on a foilboard, but would be lucky to get out on a tt.

I weigh 185, the 15 is good for me on the snow and water into the low 20’s, but I prefer high-teens. The 10 is good up to 30 mph and I can ride with it starting in the high teens. The 10 is also good for gliding. I like the 15 better, but on a really strong day, the 10 is great.

So, ideally a 9 & 15 would cover most of the wind spectrum on a tt. You would need a foilboard for really light wind and a smaller kite for strong winds (over 30 mph).

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Re: 9m Soul Opinions

Postby RomeUtah » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:17 pm

Mar Menor, I flew the v2, it flew fine but the bad boy sinks when it falls in the water. I had my 15m chilling on the water for 20 plus minutes while the peanut gallery on shore was laughing at me, 2 weeks prior i saw the HL go down on the water and start filling up with water. I flew both kites back to back so it was easy to see which turns faster (i expected the 13m to, but the 15 turned faster, weird).
Fernmanus, im going to play on Jay's 9m a little more up at DC, its just hard to figure out which kite to get. Id like to have a 9m and a 7m but i cant swing that this season.

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