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Flysurfer Speed 5 - 15m

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:27 pm
by BillyGoatGruff
I had my heart set on a 15m Soul but have been offered a brand new Flysurfer Speed 5 - 15m at a very good price (circa £1,050 ish). I'm after a lower wind kite to cover me ONLY on my twin tip (Shinn Monk 134cm) @ 85kg. Ideally I want a kite for low wind (10mph to 18mph) freestyle, unhooking and some board off's. The Speed 5 seems to fit this bill nicely, being a bit fatter than the sonic etc and better behaved (according to online reviews).

Any feedback appreciated, first Flysurfer in long time... (I have the Psycho 1 - 12.5... dam that was a handfull). Worth the money or wait and find a second hand Soul ?

Re: Flysurfer Speed 5 - 15m

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:55 pm
by pmaggie
Speeds are great kites, I like them more than the Souls. Personal taste, but they have that "real" foil feeling that I can't feel with the Soul. I tested a Soul very few times, so I can't speak with a real experience. Anyway with the Speed 15 in low winds you can't go wrong, great kite imo.

Re: Flysurfer Speed 5 - 15m

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 6:17 pm
by JakeFarley
The Speed 5 is a higher aspect kite than the Soul which I like for light wind riding upwind ability. It is less stable than the Soul, but not that much IMO. Relaunch is more "technical" and the Soul relaunches easier, like a lei. It took me awhile to get used to the turnjng speed of my 21m, but the 15m should turn faster. The only thing I don't like about the Speed 5 is there is only one deflate port, so it takes some effort and time to pack up.

I'm 92 kg and I can stay upwind on my TT (135 x 46) with my 21m Speed 5 in 10 knots. The jumps are super floaty and high. I have riden my strapless surfboard with it a couple of times, but I prefer my 12m Soul for surfboard riding.

Re: Flysurfer Speed 5 - 15m

Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2020 9:10 am
by slide
and its the best looking flysurfer in its orange colours , i'm plzd to hear your feedback , as i brought mine for low winds , and 6,8,10,12 souls for general flying after coming back from an illness , i haven't has chance to fly the speed5 15 yet but i've flown the souls ,before lockdown came in -i landboard and hoping to catch some early morning onshores before the people farm arrive -theres 2 types the sea siders who setup near the entrance ,and the dogwalkers who come down the bottom end where i am supposed to fly because of the club rules agreed with the council for buggies and landboarders ,30 named members and all the dogs are off their leads running everwhere , everybody walking infront of me downwind of me , and they are annoyed i'm in the way ,so if the beach is small i take my old flysurfers and a couple of blades , i had my new souls laying out on the beach setting up and dogs running around crazy , so i thought i 'll only bring them when its a big beach

i still have my speed 2 silver arrow 15 but that material scares me , but i am really looking forward to the spd5 15 experiance whenever that happens - i have brain cancer and i'm type 1 diabetic so i need to keep away from people as much as i can
and speaking of old flysurfers i have a speed1 7 metre proto , a proper race machine that kite , i didn't jump much with that one

but after my experiance with the mixer tests, on my new souls , i think the best route forward untill the kites bed in is several mixer test's over the next few weeks do several tests so as to enjoy it at its best wing shape- thats my thinking and particulary i need to keep a close eye on my never flown spd515 kite as that beds in too, i will keep a close eye on the 15 mixer test doing that regulary to keep that sweet-i'll do it before i fly and after , and pretty often :dance: :dance: :