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Ozone R1V1 characteristics and trimming

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 9:25 pm
by olavk
I will receive two Ozone R1V1 soon. One 11m and one 15m. Some wear and tear, but they should be in working order. I hear the V1 has some issues, but what exactly are they? And is there any trimming or adjustments I can do to make them better/easier? By the way I know they are from 2015 and soak water, but this should not be a problem to me as I only snowkite. This is posted just to learn from some of you more experienced riders what I'm up against :wink:
NB: I have experience with Elf Joker6 11 and 15m today.

Re: Ozone R1V1 characteristics and trimming

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:18 pm
by mgs
I purchased a used R1 V1 (15m) sometime ago and found the speed system was out of alignment due to pulley line shrinkage.
They were worn as well so I made and replaced PB1 & PB2 pulley lines on both sides, adjusted KR1 (Z)
Checked the main bridles for wear and all was ok.

The Ronstan pulleys were in good order, but gave them a good clean and lubricated with silicon.
I founds the zip pull coating had worn off in places so repainted it with gloss enamel paint and now looks like new.
Cleaned the zip and lubricated.

There was also very fine sand that had found its way into the seam of the trailing edge.
I undid the hem and removed as much of sand as I could,re-stitched the hem and reduced the size of the stitch length with aim to prevent any remaining sand in the kite getting back into the hem.

I tested the kite on the beach in lights winds first and was very happy with it.The canopy fabric has a softer feel about it due to usage and age.
I’ve not used the kite for ages so looking forward to flying it again soon.
It performs just like my Chrono V1’s but I guess it should do as the Chrono V1 was the blueprint for the R1.