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Jumping tips for foil kite on hydrofoil

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Jumping tips for foil kite on hydrofoil

Postby deniska » Mon Aug 24, 2020 3:46 am

Foil wrote:
Sat Aug 22, 2020 4:56 am
deniska wrote:
Fri Aug 21, 2020 7:07 pm
633 is not the greatest for big airs and will probably break on bad landing..
for me it felt like it has too much lift when speeding up for a jump.
To the OP, you should check your gear.. some beginner foils are in fact are very hard to use for big airs..
Ideally you want freerace carbon rig from a respectable company... something that gets more stable with speed and not the other way around..
the 633 is just great for boosting, at our spot we all boost on the 633, yes we all have other wings as well which do give the opportunity to go even bigger in stiffer winds that's true,
but the point is -
boosting in very light airs is just not possible on low lift fast wings, you first of all need to get going, and that's were the 633 is the choice for all of us here who boost in marginal airs
and boost high, but of course we all use the latest high end foil kites as well.
as for damage to the 633 wing set on fast bad landings, who?where? when?
none here or anywhere I have been to, flag beach for months on end, again foil kites do help with soft landings, but yes I have had some wallops flat down on the wing which has made me cringe,
the only damage to wing sets that i know to have been confirmed is to a moses race wing 637 which was replaced under warranty, and to a soft aluminum mast with very thin side walls, that one I did see myself, it bent the mast, a beach side shop said you bent the Mast? followed by the brand name, yes they do bend we have had a few do the same he said, not replaced under warranty.
so fear not if you own a 633 wing set,
want to go boosting huge in silly light winds, the 633 is just great, in stronger winds a faster wing will be much easier to use and send you higher due to the extra speed on take off.
methinks some foilers use the "i don't jump because I only have a big wing and it might break excuse" just get up there and fly, no face mask required :thumb:
can't say that I agree.. my light wind kite is 15 soul and my go to wing is RDB freerace (which is a near copy of moses 637).. so if the kite flies I can definitely get going, no doubts.. now I do not have too much experience with 633, just maybe 20 min on 2 separate occasions.. but from what I gathered, it has too much lift at speed, so hard to hold that power.. maybe I was doing it wrong.. since we speak huge boosts in marginal winds, foil, can you post your woo stats? I just cant see people going huge in under 7-8kts.. 10-20ft maybe? but that's what OP is already doing.. Maybe that's why you did not break 633? I broke at least 2-3 rigs going big (not 633s obviously)..they all break if you get the height.. this was from yesterday, 15-20kts, 15 soul, RDB race.. there ware 2 other guys using more of tray table kinds of wings in that wind but they were strapless and on 4 & 7m kites..

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Re: Jumping tips for foil kite on hydrofoil

Postby Foil » Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:38 pm

I will not use the gps devices for speed or distance anymore, or gopro, or the woo, I just find they take something away from a great session, I think I call it enjoyment, each to their own, my foiling buddy loves his gps and gopro, only one of us has the woo, I will ask how high his woo claim is, but im sure he cheats sometimes as he inverts his board sometimes at the top of his boost.
we know its fast when you stop breathing and eyes widen and you keep muttering shit shit shit
same for boosting when you get in the extra big ones and look down and can hear the others shouting yeeeharrrr then you know its big.
get a chrono v3 for boosting, awesome explosive lift.
and hear that 633 wing twang clear of the water.
love it
but yes, going huge in 6-8 knots is only "huge"if you compare it to a tip tip boost on light airs, however build up some speed off wind with the foil kite find a little ramp swing in hard and springboard up, and claim it. even small jumps are worth it,
I can cheat of course,
in 5 weeks I will be at flag beach for 6 months.
regulars there will know of the big rolling swell that forms quite often in the outer bay area off flag, running left to right as you look out to sea, 15-20 second wave period gaps, the centre part of the swell peaks to 2-3 mtrs with a smooth face and clean lip, the Ne winds allow perfect runs into the wave faces at the right angle for epic boosting on the foil,
up to now I have only used my 633 being so far out I want to ensure that if the wind drops I can get back (many fail as light winds can just drop dramatically) and up to date I have never had the combination of stronger winds and these special swell days, only had the big swell with around 10-12knts which is really good, seen gunnar on the same swell at the same time as me, only he has been on his wing supfoil and he uses these rollers for foiling long distances on the faces,
these swells allow you to boost silly high and float down to midway between the peaks and then you can just power up again and hit the next peak and keep repeating, unbelievable feeling as the space between the peaks being maybe 16 seconds apart is just magical, and no bubbly white water to deal with as the waves don't break, they just keep rolling down the middle area of the bay for maybe 2km.

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