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Concept Air Firefly 6, 4 and Wave 4.5 comparison

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Concept Air Firefly 6, 4 and Wave 4.5 comparison

Postby gl » Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:03 pm

Today I had a chance to fly the firefly 6 and 4 and the wave 4.5 in winds ranging from 16 to 22 knots. I started out on the 6 metre because there appeared to be significant lulls. It was misleading as the wind was much stronger than it appeared. I recently had Ben put the version two additions to the bridal on 6 metre Firefly. I've used it twice now since the change. It is a significant change. Much less flapping and it seems to have more high end. Generally the kite feels the same otherwise. I was riding the infinity 76 surf foil from slingshot. I had no trouble controlling the 6-meter but I went in and changed to the 4 because I had more power than I liked to play on the swells. I have not had the 4 metre bridal updated yet. No problem getting up on the foil but I was less powered than on the 6. After about 15 minutes the wind picked up quite a bit probably into the low twenties. I was having to be a bit more careful on my turms and going down wind. No problem controlling it again just less fun as I had to be more conscious of moving kite slowly in the turns. I went in and changed to the 4.5 metre wave. Totally different experience. In the lulls it was a bit underpowered and I had to move the kite around. The upwind angles were much greater. Overall on that day the wave was the better choice. Never any trouble with the high-end. I rarely even had to depower it. The 4 Firefly seem to have a much better low-end when not moving it around. Most days I prefer the fireflies. They sit back in the window a little more. I find that makes it easier to gybe. Both kites drift really well, they just do it differently. There's more pull with the fireflies drifting, the wave seems to have significantly less pull drifting..

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