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Slingshot WF1 + 76cm Infinity for Kite Foiling

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Slingshot WF1 + 76cm Infinity for Kite Foiling

Postby Peter_Frank » Wed Oct 07, 2020 1:44 pm

Mossy 757 wrote:
Wed Oct 07, 2020 1:33 pm
I'm learning to kitefoil and describing all of the normal things that frustrate beginners, will spending more money make me a better kiter?

Time on the water. Keep at it and you'll someday laugh at this thread.

So true.

Wingfoil is A LOT easier than kitefoil, as these big wings gets so slow and slow reacting, that most can intuitively think what to do, to balance it right.

NOT possible with a kitefoil - it reacts so fast that only muscle memory can learn to ride these, it is impossible to say to yourself "If it goes up I push with my front foot".
Well, you can tell yourself this, but it wont help one bit, as the board reacts way faster so your counter reaction has to be a lot faster than your brain.

Time on the water, what we call "Muscle memory" has to be built, takes 3 months to a year depending on who you are, meaning your muscles balances the foil, without you delaying when trying to think.

If you remove your stab (rear wing) you will still be able to ride your foil, but because the timing is so different, the muscle memory has to be built up again.
"Re-Calibrated" so to speak.
Goes a lot faster to adapt and learn this, when you can foil, than when learning, but same thing, your body has to react way faster than your mind can, especially with no stab :rollgrin:

8) Peter

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