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Advice For Boosting Large Foil Kite with Twin Tip

For all foil kite riders
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Re: Advice For Boosting Large Foil Kite with Twin Tip

Postby airsail » Sat Jan 16, 2021 11:42 pm

One of the differences between foil and LEI kites is what pulling in the bar does. On an LEI pulling the bar in alters the angle of the kite, increasing power suddenly. But on a foil kite, it not only alters the angle of the kite, it also applies the brakes, hence the rear lines being called brake lines.
Foil kites need brake lines to turn, increasing drag on one side to initiate a turn. But when jumping, to much bar in will slow the kite, killing lift and reducing jump height.
Just be a bit more delicate with the bar, turn it hard early, kite slows, then push bar all the way out to get it moving really fast, avoid too much bar on take off.

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Re: Advice For Boosting Large Foil Kite with Twin Tip

Postby fernmanus » Sun Jan 17, 2021 5:02 am

A couple thoughts.

1. Try taking the kite to zenith instead of 1 with your 12m Soul, that will help you with your landings.
2. The technique with the 18 is not much different than the 12. I suggest trying the 18 in a bit stronger wind, it should be enough that you size down your board.

Part of the problem is that you have asked a lot of questions, but you haven’t given us a lot of information. This has led to a lot of speculation Here are a few questions I have for you:
1. Are you able to jump with the 18 at all or just very small jumps?
2. Why do you think you are unsuccessful jumping the 18? Are you getting pulled off your edge? Are you doing long jumps that are not very high? Or just not going up at all?
3. How much wind do you estimate you are riding in when you are trying to jump?

An interesting fact about the 18m Soul in light wind is that with a long flat board you can get moving at a fast clip. So much so, that you may think you have enough power to jump, but when you go to send the kite, you barely come off the water.

You need to be riding powered up to jump, not just fast. Not only should you feel sped, but you should also feel the kite trying to lift you off the water. You may not be at the point that you feel comfortable flying a big kite in moderate wind, that is okay, but that is what it takes to really send the 18m Soul. A rider your size should be able to jump in 12 mph wind, but it won’t be high. In 15 mph wind, you should be able to hit 7 to 10M if the wind has a bit of gustiness to it. You may not have the weight to go much over 12m high, it is probably easier for a rider at your weight to switch down to a smaller kite to go higher.

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Re: Advice For Boosting Large Foil Kite with Twin Tip

Postby Steve271 » Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:56 pm

Thx all, really appreciate the advice.
I can jump my 18m Soul just not very consistent- being pulled off my edge as I send it is the thing that’s most challenging , mainly because it moves slowly up. So my jumps are small for the amount of power I’m feeling.
I use it in 10-15mph, as a session saver- it feels well powered up and I’m trying to convert that into upwards lift rather than sideways pull before the apex.
If it’s over 15mph I will run a smaller kite / board and all is good.
With my 12m Soul I can get decent height (for me up to 5m) and great floaty hang time.
I know this will come with experience so I’m essentially looking for tips on where to focus my efforts in the timing of sending & sheeting for such a slow moving kite.

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