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Worn bridle line repair

For all foil kite riders
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Worn bridle line repair

Postby darippah » Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:33 pm

One bridle line on My 17m r1v2 is severely worn and looks like it’s about to snap.

Would it be safe to stitch another piece of line overlapping both ends of the worn line by a few inches ?

That seems like a much easier solution than custom ordering the bridle , waiting a month for it to come, and taking the bridles apart. I’m not racing or anything so a small sacrifice would be well worth it as long as it’s a solid connection that won’t break on me

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Re: Worn bridle line repair

Postby Foil » Wed Jul 14, 2021 7:03 am

blimey, sounds like you need a proper replacement.
I have mentioned this before, and few guys know this is an option, Ozone do a full replacement set of bridals for your kite, but not just the standard thin fragile shrink back stuff, 3 options are available at what I think is a steal of a price, around £200 gmb or around 240 euro for a full set of the much better, sheathed "heavier" bridals with full speed system including the orbit pulleys are there available now! make your kite like new again, these are exactly the same spec bridals as fitted to Chrono V4 and V3, and all Hyperlinks,
I was thinking if your old bridals are that bad then patching up is not great for peace of mind during jumps or blasting out to sea, too scary of an option for me, but I do worry too much maybe, as I have seen kite bar lines come into me for replacement that have snapped and the owner has just tied in a short line, some with 2 snaps and one with just tying the two snapped ends together, they had continued flying around for months like this, so if it worked for them?
defo not for me!
even one guy who had snapped one main power line which he then just tied back together, which of course shortened the line so he tied in 5 overhand knots in the other power line to make them even, flipping Yikes! is it just me who thinks that's a bit mad

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