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The White Dune Downwinder #CourtInTheAct

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 8:10 pm
by Toby
Over the last two weeks I have been doing my first #sliceoflife kite trip for 2019 with #kiteworldwide and it has been a bast. Two groups of amazing people having fun in the western sahara desert. Coaching people how to shred down wind through the sand dunes and pushing them to improve their kite skills... have you ever done this downwinder!? Its such an amazing feeling, no worries in the middle of no-where... this is what my #Sliceoflife trips are all about.

I was riding the 9m Dice and Jaime 142cm Textreme - such a great setup for this sort of back country kiteboarding! #freerideproject is back in full swing and the leg is feeling great!

These are epic lifestyle camps that focus on kiteboarding progression througg fun-based learning. I am doing three this year, Morocco, Zanzibar and Sicily so if your interested hit the link below!